The Married Lesbians

We live in weird times and Beena & Savita’s story is a perfect example. It makes you wonder whether Law & Judiciary, are really effective in this country or if it is in fact dependent on one’s luck.

The curious love story of Beena and Savita: Three questions

Beena and Savita followed their hearts in Baghpat. And their love story is now the stuff of international headlines.

The media, especially gay media abroad, have jumped on the story. ‘Lesbian Newlyweds Flee Honor Killing Threats’ makes for good headlines. It has all the ingredients of a masala story. The illicit, secret love affair. The girl forced into an arranged marriage. The runaway couple. The patriarchal khap panchayat and its honour killings. Enter the sympathetic judge. Rumours of suicide attempts in front of a moving train. Hiding in a safe house under police protection.

It’s a made-for-TV movie about big bad old feudal India trying to snuff out the love of a modern day Laila-Majnu. Except this time it’s Laila-Manju.

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