The Miseducation of Angel Clark

Isn’t it necessary that when journalists pen an article they do enough research? Or at the very least they educate themselves with the topic they are writing about? This article is totally trans-misogynistic and is so bigoted, it has BullS$%^ written all over [Link].

Based on a quick Google research, it looks like the sunbathers were transwomen, in contrast to some of the comments in the article. Irrespective, the point of this article is to emphasize the bigotry and the ignorance of a writer, and how the latter is so dangerous in driving the former. Looks like “Ignorance” is not always a bliss.

The ‘enlightened’ author tries to give these people “labels” and she does such a bad job here, I am asking, Why The F#$% is she writing an article on a topic that she has no understanding about.

Trans men …Becoming women

Two of the four transgender men were in a transitional stage of operations.

Although the men were in the process of ‘becoming’ women

Angel Clark, They are called transwomen, not transmen. Because transmen do not “become women”.

I really don’t understand what the obsession in media is about sensationlizing the already painful transition process and to trivialise them into surgeries and calling trans folks like “Becoming women” or “Becoming men”. There is a complete lack of privacy here. What one does with their  bajingo or weiner is one’s own private business. Let’s show some respect here. Most of the media is so soaked up in the cis privilege they do not understand the fluidity of Gender and on top of that, what they portray tantamounts to objectifying a person to their physical attributes. With people like Jerry Springer, all they do is stereotype a rather complex process into a case of weirdos. As if the American Psychiatric Association has not inflicted enough damage already by listing gender diversity as a mental illness.  Thanks so much. I feel so special now!!

In the name of openness and awareness, the media just adds to this by instituionalising the process of transition. Think of the individual and put yourself in their shoes before you have your brain f@#$. If you do not understand what it is to be trans, at the very least look at it from a human dimension. Make an effort to meet these individuals and learn about them. When you get to know the person, you will understand a lot more and appreciate the life the other person is leading. If you think you can handle it, try going out with a person who looks androgynous and you will feel the looks that they receive.

And,  she continues further misgendering in the article ,

When a man has the series of intense surgeries and hormone treatments to change his appearance to that of a woman, one has been led to believe that it is because that man associates himself with the opposite sex.

Led to believe?


Oh yes Ms Clark! Trans folks are hatching a diabolical plot to take over the world by “performing a set of operations” at the cost of losing their family, friends, employment,  only to make you believe. For what? My Foot!

Many Trans folks go through hormonal treatments akin to menopausal women and yes some of them do get surgeries.  But irrespective, all of them continue to be productive in their real lives in their preferred role irrespective of their primary or secondary sexual characteristics. They go through these treatments to correct a physiological defect that happened at birth. Did you know that the foetus is inherently female and the changes do not happen until the 3rd month or so. So to generalise, can I say, “all ‘men’ were ‘women'”. When do we measure when someone is male or female? Because the current process of determining at birth is not foolproof? is it?  Go figure!

“Gendering” is probably the most important thing amongst trans folks. The way one can show acceptance and respect is by using the correct pronouns. But here, she continues to misgender with her ignoramous rant. She says things that would even make Bush feel like Einstein.

These men, with female breasts,

Hmm ..  “female breasts”? I wonder what other varieties are out there.

“…rights enjoyed by men.

Ofcourse, these are rights for men. They are the privileged class, aren’t they? I wonder who established those laws. Was it God or was it the Male members of the society (in the name of G again) who established these rules of civility through scriptures? As far as I know, Boobies are not considered sexual organs because sex organs are those that contribute towards reproductive growth. Boobies are what is considered as secondary sexual characteristics as much as the male beard.

And here comes the cherry on the cake,

“One wonders why these men would go through the effort of changing their appearance to that of women simply to continue to act like men.”

Oh I totally forgot,  Women should always act demure, isn’t it?  I hate these self righteous bigots who determine what and how men and women should behave. Yes there is some protocol and every society establishes its own norms. But why this blanket statement about how a woman should behave? When the world is still so full of inequities related to gender, we have a woman here lecturing about “How woman ahould behave?”. So is it ok if there were pre-op transmen who would be topless on these beaches? Because they would, in your eyes be, “becoming men”  and hence by the male privilege code, they can show off their chest?

To end, let me post this video which provides great topics for discussion and is extremely funny. I like her candidness (no pun intended!) …

TG Topless: [Link]

and M or F restroom?:  [Link]

Looking at Candi, one would hardly imagine the look in the guys face should she enter a Male restroom. Yet, by law she is legally Male and the laws in some states are so strict and divides on the binariness, one is left to wonder the shortfalls of the legal system in capturing the human diversity.

What a Fucking world? The judeo-christian based legal laws which is pretty much prevalent in the entire world (thanks to colonisation), is so rigid it cannot at any time adapt itself to the changing social cirucmstances and the diveristy of human life. Take for example, IPC 377, same sex immigration, same sex marriage… the list is endless

Open letter:

Ms Clark,

If you are writing articles, please be sensitive and do some research. I don’t think I am asking for much here. A little bit empathy might go a long way .


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