Theatre : Frontier Theatre Presents ‘The Pad’

The Pad
Written & Directed by Saattvic.
Cast: Kitu Gidwani, Capt. Sanjay Nath, Daniel D’Souza, Saattvic.

13th June, Friday at Juhu Jagruthi Hall, Mithibai College at 8:30 pm
14th June, Saturday at Sitara Studio, Dadar (W) at 6 pm & 9 pm.

A house in Bandra, Mumbai is witness to two inextricably intertwined relationships between successive pairs of occupants.

Pulkit, a banker, has rented a quirky flat in Bandra for the sole purpose of hooking up. One night he meets Sahil, a young PhD student, for sex. Sahil is researching interior design, and is taken by the interiors of the house. He wants to use it for his research, but has to deal with a bitter, cynical and brusque Pulkit who constantly runs away from the one thing he loves – singing. The one night stand turns into something more, as they get to know each other, help each other… and uncover the lives of the previous occupants, Jennifer and Fabian.

Fabian, a retired army officer, shares the perfect marriage with Jennifer, his wife of thirty years. But the family is put under tremendous stress when their daughter in law, Nita, suddenly goes missing. While Jennifer is consumed in grief at her family falling apart, Fabian is searching for a way to redeem himself in the eyes of society and the Anglo-Indian Community for a blunder committed during the Kargil war. One day, Jennifer gets a call … Nita has been found.

The play explores relationships in contemporary India among people belonging to communities that most people know very little about, and are subject to quick stereotyping. The play looks beyond these biases of stereotype and assumption and looks at the characters for who they really are as people. At the core of the play are questions about the nature of love … and its limitations.


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