(Theatre) Secret Society : Children of Divorce

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‘Secret Society: Children of Divorce’ has been invited by the NCPA to perform on October 3rd, At the Godrej Theatre, at 6:30 pm. Tickets on bookmyshow.
The play explores the sub culture of broken homes, and the estranged communication between adults and children in such a scenario.

Essence:   The play reflects on how young people perceive sexuality, expression, and way of life… and this is something the society has to learn to accept and involve otherwise it’s likely that these people will want to part from the system. The initiative under which this play is produced, called ‘Somethings Simple’ is committed to including stories of the LGBTIQ people of the world and bring them on to the stage for common people to view and familiarize themselves with. Essentially, the issue of the society at large being so obsessed with its old habits and ways that they resist any change, even at the cost of stepping on someone else’s freedom.

The play open to positive reviews in April, 2014.

Mahesh Dattani. Noted Indian Director, Playwright on the play:

Amazing what you guys could do in that space! Some of those scenes were really powerful. Loved the bromance between Dhruv and Orren. My favourite scene was the one where the mother is weighed down (by the past?) and the daughter throws down her burden and gives her mother a massage. That was pure theatre! Really good acting all round and a very mature handling of a subject that could have been cliche ridden in the hands of a less aware playwright and director. Shivam, please serve us more!

This time, the play has new cast additions, new sequences, conversations, is a lot more forthcoming in terms of its sexual nature and content.

It was also my entry for Royal Court, UK and Rage Theatre’s (By Rajit Kapur and Shernaz Patel) Writers Bloc Festival which happens once in 4 years.
And I have been selected for the programme.

About Somethings Simple:

Shivam, is a writer, actor, and theatre maker. He is the founder at ‘Somethings Simple’, an initiative that aims to bring LBGTIQ stories to Indian Stage, Film and Writing. He was last seen in Manav Kaul’s Colourblind and Sunil Shanbag’s Marriageology. His work includes Quasar Padamsee’s So Many Socks and Indo-American collaborative feature film Red Gold. His two plays as a playwright are Secret Society: Children of Divorce and Age of Certainty. He is a consultant creative and copywriter at Meltwater Creatives.
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