This Documentary Explores Being Trans-Feminine In South Asia And Needs Your Help.

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A couple of weeks ago, Christine – a documentary film maker reached out to us at Gaysi. Christine shared with us her plans with her husband to make a documentary in India this summer – an endeavour titled “Project THEY: Being Trans-Feminine in South Asia.”

On March 1st, Project THEY went live on indiegogo for crowdsourced funds for what looks to be an amazing, in depth and much needed exploration into the lives of India’s marginalized communities. The goal to make this happen is $10,000 dollars.

According to the official release:

Project THEY is a documentary storytelling project that has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Project THEY is an exploration of the many trans-feminine experiences in South Asia; including hijra, aravani and kothi identifying persons. Christine Anderson, the co-producer of Project THEY is looking for people interested in increasing visibility of trans-women in South Asia. If you have a story to share or any resources (particularly in Karnataka or Tamil Nadu) that would benefit the film please do not hesitate to contact Christine Anderson directly.

You can follow the project on Twitter and I also highly recommend the Project THEY tumblr to learn more about the team behind the venture, their story, struggles and how you can help.

We will keep you updated on their journey and if you’d like to reach out to Christine, please do so through their Social Media channels or just drop us a line. Let’s support them, folks!

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