Trans* Love Week

This is a really great event going on next week that I heard about through the Legalize Trans campaign!

And here is the message from the Legalize Trans crew:

Trans* Love Week: A Tranifesto

Trans* Love Week is an attempt to (re)shape and (re)frame the discourse around trans identities from one of negativity to one of pride, positivity, and acceptance. It is a week of celebrating who we are, our experiences, our journeys, and our communities.

When I say, “I love being trans*” I mean I am committed to remaining positive about myself and my community in the face of great opposition. It’s no secret that trans* people experience a significant amount of emotional and physical violence on a daily basis. We experience a lot of hurt form other people and some that is self-inflicted. Thus, trans* people and their allies need to actively cultivate a community where self-care and positive thinking is the norm. We must learn to say, “I love my trans* self”, while acknowledging that society has placed a large amount of value on cis/non-trans identities, experiences, and bodies and although this oppression shapes the lives of trans* people, we are still worthy. I do not dislike being trans. I, in fact, love it. But I do dislike living in a cissexist/cisgenderist society.

The Legalize Trans* team would like trans* folks and their allies to join us in creating a more positive dialogue by submitting their stories, graphic art, poems, and videos about tran* love to by February 6th. Their are no guidelines because we want people to be creative, just keep it positive! All videos, art, poetry, etc. will be featured on the Legalize Trans* tumblr and facebook during Trans* Love Week on February 7-14, 2011 and should not be submitted without permission from those featured.

Much love,

Legalize Trans*

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