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Forever Gaysi Member Anurag just gave us the heads up about Transcend – a newly formed Trans Support Group ( based out of Chicago) for Asian and Pacific Islander diaspora :

Details and Flyer below. Thanks for sharing Anurag !


Transcend is dedicated to creating a space for trans*, gender nonconforming, and gender-questioning Asians and Pacific Islanders to share experiences, distribute resources, build community, and strive for mutual empowerment.  With joy, magic, and passion we transform, heal, and liberate ourselves to reach our full potential.


Transcend is a collaboration between Invisible 2 Invincible: Asian and Pacific Islander Pride of Chicago ( and Trikone-Chicago (  We welcome all members of the Asian and Pacific Islander diaspora, including those who trace their heritage to South, East, and Southeast Asia as well as Central Asia and the Middle East. Adoptees, hapas, and multiracial folks are welcome as well!

While recognizing the shortcomings of doing so, we use the term trans* to cover a multitude of identities, including but not limited to androgyne, agender, bakla, bigender, genderqueer, hijra, kathoey, kothi, non-binary, third gender, transgender, transsexual, and two spirit.

In short, if you think you might fit in, you probably will. Transcend does not believe that anyone is obligated to out themselves as having any particular identity, but we do expect individuals to respect the purpose, safety, and confidentiality of the space.

While we are physically based in Chicago, we encourage folks from across the world to join our Google Group ( and become a part of our extended community.

We have closed meetings. Our first meeting will be on Saturday, March 9th, from 3-4:30pm. If you are interested please send an email to

Share your Journey in a Safe Space.


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