Transgender Activism In A Jurists’ Conference

I was lazily browsing through the daily and my eyes read something like  “Call to fight prejudice against transgenders” and the next second you know, I was reading it with full force, fighting my jet lag and sleeplessness. [Link] This is very very very encouraging people.

I am so impressed by the use of labels here – Transgenders, Gender Identity, etc. And look at the keywords  for  this article- “transgender, LGBT rights, alternative sexuality” and the section on related articles. OMG! When did a traditionally left-leaning, filter-coffee-sipping daily from a traditional, conservative city in India come up with such an understanding of a still rather arcane subject. I feel totally proud. Hats off to you Hindu. I take back all the cusses I have spit across all these years, Editor Ram.

If anything, history has showed us time and again the role played by Media in leading social activism. Did you notice the absence of any social/queer activists on the stage? I am happy that the jurists conference recognize the inequities in the society and think of this as “our”  problem rather than “theirs”.

On a  side note about the changing times at Madras, I asked my friend the other day how she finds living as a single mom. She was like “You know what! In Chennai, People are curious and gossipy and once you know you are here to fight and be successful, they respect you. Sometimes, there is the initial curiosity and then nobody bothers but accepts you for whom you are“. May be its just me – I am still stuck with my idea of Madras from a decade back. May be I should stop judging the city from what was then and embrace the new order of thinking. Viva La Madras! Or as they say here, Vaazhga Singaara Chennai!

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Rashmi grew up in India and now she enjoys her time living in one of the queerest places in the world. She started transitioning a while back and is gradually coming out to people she thinks are cool enough for her. She enjoys discussing any topic under the sun and has an opinion about anything and everything. She thinks of herself as someone who can only hold intelligent conversations with people, when in reality she is totally insane and crazy, not to mention she has been highly hormonal recently. *GRIN*

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