Understanding Violence Against Marginalized Women In South Asia


SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action) is a voluntary, secular, non-profit organization, established on November 27, 1999 in Dharavi, with the mission to address the health needs of women and children. The Centre for Vulnerable Women and Children has undertaken an international research study in collaboration with CREA (Creating Resources for Empowerment and Action) and UCL (University College, London). This study is being funded by CREA, Delhi. This study is being conducted in three countries namely India, Bangladesh and Nepal. This study aims to understand violence against marginalised women in south Asia.

One part of this study focuses on lesbian women in Mumbai. Through this note we would like to invite your participation to this study. The interviewer will take up to two hours of your time. The study will be completely confidential and no identifying details will be asked. This is an open-ended, free flowing conversation that we hope to have with you.

Through this study we seek to document marginalised women’s experiences and impact policy changes. We also hope to create a network of visible supportive services that women can access. Your participation in this study is crucial to this process. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. We are also willing to share the formal research protocol. Please write to us for queries and clarifications or call 9860536445.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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