UP Police Arrests Lesbian Couple In A Village of Shamli District

[Editor’s Note: A request to everyone (especially news agencies), please do NOT share the photograph of the young girls in your report/story. Respect their privacy. All facts and opinions reported are those of the author, and not necessarily of Gaysi.]

News Source: XYZ News Agency

While last month a Sub-Inspector of Punjab Police set an example by marrying her partner, Uttar Pradesh police seems to be uncomfortable with same sex relationship. As per a report by XYZ News Agency, Uttar-Pradesh Police has arrested a Lesbian couple yesterday in a village of Shamli district, near Adarsh Mandi area. Both girls were absconding from village for nearly eight days and both families have filed case of sedition against each other.

The police arrested the girls from a railway station and informed the media that due to the fear of separation – the girls decided to flee. The couple disclosed at the police station that they love each other and have the desire to live together. Police has sent them to Shahranpur for medical examination.

Interestingly, both girls have the same name and one of them works as a private doctor in the village itself while the other is a college student pursuing her BA. According to the villagers, both girls have been in a serious relationship with each other since the last three years. But their families were not comfortable with their relationship, and one had been forcefully engaged to a boy from Muzaffarnagar.

Both the families are putting pressure on the girls to forget each other. However, both are deeply in love and are not scared of the police and the society. Police confirmed that after absconding from the village, the couple was living in Ghaziabad and was planning to get married.

Clearly, the involvement of police has ruined the love story of these two girls. This Lesbian couple is fighting against all odds to live together and we know very well, that this journey won’t be easy for them.

The current social and political scenario in UP is not in favour of love affairs even for heterosexual people. Thus, under the BJP led UP government, it seems impossible that this relationship will see the light of acceptance.

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