Vikram Bhatt’s Web-series Twisted Has A Queer Twist In The Story

It seems LGBTQ-themed content is trending among Bollywood filmmakers these days. Recently, Ekta Kapoor surprised its viewers by offering Gay and Lesbian romance in her newly launched video streaming platform AltBalaji, while MTV India’s popular youth drama series Big F Season2 featured wonderful love story of a Transgender model.

Now filmmaker Vikram Bhatt has joined the gang by introducing an unexpected twist in his popular Crime-Suspense thriller web-series Twisted. The latest episode revealed that the lead Alia (played by Nia Sharma) is in the live-in-relationship with her girlfriend Dr. Zara Khan (played by Isha Sharma). Not only this, there is an extremely intimate kissing and lovemaking scene that has raised the temperature on-screen.

This immensely popular web-series is currently streaming on Bhatt’s YouTube channel VB on the Web. The boldly performed scene might have raised many eyebrows but it looks like the audience has enjoyed this honest, bare attempt by these two actresses. The episode was released on 4th April 2017 and within the last three days, it has scored 484,152+ views on YouTube and still counting. Over 11, 695+ viewers have liked the episode and many people have praised this by giving positive comments on it.

Currently, the entertainment industry is utilising the online platform to talk about not-often spoken subjects in the mainstream proves that Censor Board is loosing its credibility. Censor Board has the power to control content on Small and Silver screens, but online platforms are providing freedom to such content creators to express their views without censorship. It is refreshing to watch good content on LGBTQ themes that are currently floating online.

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Viewers went crazy when the secret relationship between Alia and her flatmate Zara was revealed. People are giving thumbs-up to the makers and actors and expressing their excitement on social media.

YouTube user Shweta Keluskar commented “Omg….. This serial is getting more n more interesting yaar. Whenever i start watching new episode, I cannot decide whether to watch full episode first or hit the like button first. Can’t wait longer to see next episode. Great story as name suggested completely twisted. Hats-off to everyone guys. Story, characters, acting, and music everything is just so perfect. Thanks a lot for making jara hatake serial.”

Shailendra Kumar praised this unexpected twist and commented, “What the hell! What a twist. Can’t believe it. Hats-off to director.”

Watching Nia Sharma playing this sexually fluid character surprised Neha Shetty. She wrote “I never ever thought that nia would play a lesbian character.”


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