Was Christ Against Homosexuality?


Sigh. And here I thought religion taught tolerance,  love and generosity. And realizing that there’s more to a person this his sexual orientation. I wonder why Jesus never spoke about gender and sexuality. Perhaps, his priorities were in the right place? If he’s around and listening, a friend just made a request “Please fix this stupidity”.

And to the dear followers – One doesn’t fall in love with body parts. Homosexuality is not a choice, but being tolerant is a choice. And if God is really around, and has been OK-AY with us, who the hell are you to say anything? You people from 2.3% of the Indian population chart as compared to us (8%-13%), so quite honestly Sir jee we really don’t care.

And Mr. Umanshankar – That headshot of yours wearing a “pink” shirt according to common homophobic ideas is pretty gay. Maybe, you should skip wearing it else you be damned?

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