Win A Jhatak T-Shirt!

Hello Gaysis,

In keeping with our mission to assault your eyes with our loud and proud colours, we’re creating our very own Gaysi T-Shirts that will be ready, just in time for Pride! Gaysis & supporters will be proudly sporting these T-Shirts at the Delhi & Mumbai Pride marches.

Since this is a democracy, we wanted to give you a voice and ask you for ideas on the slogan to print on the T-Shirt. One lucky person amongst you will get a T-Shirt shipped to you (in India, only) for coming up with the best slogan.


1) Leave a comment on this post with a slogan that you’d like to see on the T-Shirt.

2) Deadline: June 13th 2010

3) Contest is open to gaysis & gaysi supporters.

4) T-Shirt will only be shipped to an address in India. (Sorry firangaysis!)

5) Winner will be picked by MJ & me. We are open to being bribed.

6) Winner has to provide us with his or her address. (Duh!)

On your marks, Get Set… GO!

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