Yaariyan Presents The Great Indian Marriage Drama

So are you currently featuring (albeit unwittingly) in your very own version of The Great Indian Marriage Drama? Answer the following questionnaire to find out:

• Do your relatives keep asking about your plans to “settle down”?
• Do you feel anxious or out of place every time you have to attend a family wedding?
• Have you been skipping family weddings altogether because of fear of proposals coming your way?
• Have you been putting off marriage proposals with excuses as you are not out to your parents?
• Have you been asked “But why are you not getting married?” mockingly or seriously and you don’t know how to answer?
• Have your parents given you an ultimatum for a marriage date?
• Are you being pressured to get married even after coming out to your parents?
• Have you been advised a marriage of convenience or been beginning to feel that it is the only way out?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “Yes” then you haven’t escaped the GREAT INDIAN MARRIAGE DRAMA!!!

However, in case you are looking out for advice on how to tackle marital pressure, we might be able to help you.

This Yaariyan event aims to be a platform for sharing these issues with a trained and experienced counselor Vrushali Deshmukh–who has successfully helped people counter the big marriage dilemma and even family pressure!

We will also be inviting people who have successfully handled marriage pressure to share their experience with us.

Be there and find a way to add a positive twist to your very own script of the GREAT INDIAN MARRIAGE DRAMA.

Date : Sunday, 3rd June 2012

Time : 5PM-8PM

Venue : The Humsafar Trust, Drop In Center, 3rd Floor, Manthan Plaza, Next to Shree Chakra Restaurant, Near Vakola Masjid, Nehru Road, Vakola, Santacruz East, Mumbai.


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