YES! I Am The Change Project

YES! i am the Change project is mainly aimed at inspiring the youth today to be voices of social change by being the change themselves. In this attempt, the organisers are inviting individuals/groups to participate in their film project and making a film in 101 hours between August 15th – 19th, 2013.

The topic will be given to interested participants at 6 AM on August 15th and they will have the next 101 hours to script, shoot, upload their film and send them the final link by 11 AM on August 19th.

This year, they are trying to feature some silent voices in the Indian community and would love to have participation from the LGBTQI community. There are several ways in which organisations and individuals can support/join:

1. Participate yourself as an individual or group by registering here to make a film.
2. Registering your organization/NGO here and we could try connecting a filmmaker from your city to make a short film on your organization’s work.
3. Come join us at our free workshop in any of the cities of our Yatra in June-July 2013
4. Host a workshop venue exclusively for your community at any of these Yatra location during the dates we are there.

Folks are also welcome your to share some Everyday Heroes from the community who would be forthcoming in having a film made on their inspiring life.

More details can be found here and please find below detailed concept note on the same.

YES Concept Note

YITC Poster 2013

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