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Yes, We Know: Velma Is Gay

From what I can recollect, Velma didn't care much for Fred's attention (what a relief that this wasn't some jealousy-infused "love" triangle) but I always thought of her friendship with Daphne as queer-platonic.

I loved watching Scooby Doo as a kid. I would watch all of the releases in the franchisee – movies, adventures, live-action films, kids edition. And when the ‘gang’ got together – Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, and Velma (and sometimes Scrappy Doo) – it always seemed to me like they Velma was written to stick out a little. Shaggy and Scooby would be bound to each other at the hip, while Fred and Daphne seemed to have an unspoken romance going on. Velma on the other hand was the one who was openly disabled (the running theme about her being that she cannot function without her glasses) and always remembered to wear a warm turtleneck as the group went out into the misty evenings to unravel mysteries.

From what I can recollect, Velma didn’t care much for Fred’s attention (what a relief that this wasn’t some jealousy-infused “love” triangle) but I always thought of her friendship with Daphne as queer-platonic. Shaggy didn’t particularly strike me as cis-het either, and seems to display shades of ace-ness and has a penchant for Mary Jane, which probably gives him the munchies. In the eponymously named 2002 live-action movie, Scooby Doo, wherein all of the characters seem to be encountering their ‘shadow selves’, Shaggy was drawn to a girl called Mary Jane, while Velma abandons her “sensible clothing” for something better-suited for a tropical-seeming island, if you ask me. What stood for me in this movie is the soul-swapping scene between her and Daphne. I sense a slight tension and affection between the 2 characters, and it was a joyous relief to learn that they kiss for their souls to return to their respective bodies. It was a scene that got cut and the actors have publicly shared their desire to see it in the DVD version. Fred was also supposed to come out as gay, and the actor portrayed the character as so – which in my opinion bodes well, considering the boys’ scouts scarf his character often wears in the animated version.

Back to Velma though – Hayley Kiyoko, a lesbian actor, was cast as Velma in the 2009 movie and its sequel thereafter. And she joined us in delighting the announcement that Velma is indeed gay. Not bi!

Not queer! GAY.

Velma displays her attraction to another woman openly in the latest Halloween Special released by the franchisee with her trademark-remark, “Jinkys!”.

The internet cannot get enough of this and twitter is awash with queer-glee after years of queer-baited tension among the show’s audiences.

Of all the characters that have been force-fitted into a coming-out segue in long-running series, this one was, like Velma would probably say, “right under our nose, gang”!

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