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It is so tragic that a gay student has taken his life off due to bullying and invasion of privacy. Even after years of Mathew Sheppard and countless of registered and unregistered statistics (read suicides, murder… ), many countries and states do not yet have litigation to protect minorities. But isn’t this a social problem? How much does it take for someone to respect others’ privacy? Why makes assholes do things that are so destructive?

A Rutgers University freshman is believed to have taken his own life last week shortly after he was broadcast engaging in sexual activity with another man. [Link, Link]

It is very disturbing to see some of Ravi’s tweets. One of them says,

Roommate asked for the room till midnight. I went into molly’s room and turned on my webcam. I saw him making out with a dude. Yay.

Ravi and Molly have violated the private relationship between two consenting adults. I can not see how turning on a webcam was not intentional. The worse thing is to have loaded it onto YouTube. I don’t see how all this could not be homophobic.

On a positive note though, the University seems to be taking this seriously. And I hope they and the state of NJ set an example. And, I also think its high time all  institutions- religious, cultural, social and educational instill some sense of morality to the people.  I truly doubt what everyone gains from attending choirs and prayers and satsangs if one does not know to live and let live.

FB page for Tyler Clementi memorial [Link]

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