A Call From The Sun

eyelids burnt from scorching rays
surma, chips off to smudge
i rode a centaur
from Venus, the goddess of love
who reassured i am to be loved

my father who lays within Earth’s soils
i look back at you
while i scratch my ears
i wonder, if maggots still get into yours

Adam, Eve both rest in my loins
weren’t you the serpent of betrayal?
regurgitated bits of the apple
made me spit resistance.
you battered my heart
but not my becoming
as the ones kicked out sung for me

my golden queer ways leave prints
for them to come
my sensitive perky breasts,
have now pointed to the sun

haven’t you heard?
they transcended with love

This story was about: Identities

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I am an art dilettante, into bilingual poetry, learning to philosophize and comprehend spaces for differences to coexist.

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