A Petite Young Woman

A cute cleavage like mine got appreciated much later in life, I thought to myself.

Sarah was a petite young woman.
Barely 18, her eyes bore the innocence of a child. While her mind was that of a teen with raging hormones.

Aali, let’s go, it’s 10pm! lights out! C’mon!

It was time to check if the girls were asleep. We were in charge of our dorm.

Aali : *looks in the mirror*

“I don’t have a pretty face, mouth, eyes, but all put together it works. They love it.”
She winks at herself and looks at me. I feel my heart skip a beat.

I just wanted to kiss her to shut her up. Such a silly girl. I always liked such women. Not strikingly beautiful, but all together as a package, they could make my heart gallop.

I woke up at my usual time 6am, only to find her laying next to me. Of course in the most seductive form, or so I thought in my head. Did she ever want me? She thought I was straight. But, did she ever want me?

Idli, sambar, poha and rasna followed, that morning at breakfast. We bullied the girls plenty, together. Joked about camp and the boys. We were a team. Too cool for school, we walked the corridors like we owned it. She introduced me to punk rock. I didn’t know a thing about punk before I met her. She put the badass in badminton. Being a badminton champ, she had won many state level tournaments.

Breakfast was followed by the morning hike. 15km to the mountaintop. The air was fresh, unlike the polluted city air. I just wanted to stay up there, and I sensed the same feeling in her eyes, as she looked at me and smiled. We would meet only once a year, at camp. I told her about my year. School, friends, basketball, my doggie. She looked at me taking in the splendid view of the city. As I looked back at her and smiled, she sprung a soft kiss on my lips. She had that smirk on her face, as she bit her lip and looked straight into my eyes. As if she were certain of something. The air smelt fresher, I felt lighter on the way back. Oh, nothing could stop us now! We were a team.

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