Aiye Lou It

Love happens.
What do you mean?
Means… it happens. You know?
I don’t know. So at the risk of sounding irritating…what do you mean?
Chhh … I don’t know.

(A Gawd Moment!)

See in my head it’s all super clear. So I know what I mean by it. But if you ask me like this, I’m not sure I can explain. You would have understood if you had experienced it.
Something is telling me I should feel a little hurt…
You have just robbed me of an experience by assuming or presuming or one of those…
But you understand where it’s coming from?
Apparently not because I haven’t  the “experience”.
Arre no baba… you understand where my assumption or presumption is coming from?
Is this a trick question?

(Long Pause Moment)

The point is that it happens.
Isn’t that a film?
“It Happens”?
Love Happens.
Love Actually is the film.
Ah. So has it happened, this love actually…actually happened?
You are irritating me.
I did warn you.
But the context was different.
You must move along with changing times.
You’re obviously not interested in the details!
Why? Are they gory? I don’t like scary stuff, you know that.
Why would you think it’s scary?
Because you know every cell in my body and so if you say I am “obviously not interested in the details” and since you obviously know there are many millions of those personally acquainted cells who shiver at scary gory, one only has to do kindergarten math. And you’re way too big to sit in those tiny  chairs. Which makes you supra intelligent.
That was so much of nonsense. How do you do it?
‘It’ does me.
I know it… I got it the first time…
You too? It’s done us both?
Aiyeee… there has to be an end.
To what? ‘It’?
(A Grrrr Moment)

Ok … Peace be in all our cells, giggly and scary included. How this lou happened?
Are you making fun now?
Bhy? Bhecauze I speak widh axscent?
Please stop it.
Ok. Tell.
You really want to know? Genuinely? Hand on heart?
I get distracted when I put my hand on my heart so I will avoid that. But yes. I am all ears and toes.
Why toes?
Don’t yours wiggle and twitch when you’re into something.
I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Voila. One All.
Now we both have one thing we haven’t experienced and are thus experiencelessly trying to understand.
Yay. I’m glad your ego is jumping with joy.
Don’t sulk.
Can’t help it.
Why does ‘It’ need help now?
(Exasperated Moment)

I love you ok… I don’t know how or why but it just happened. And I wanted to tell you and explain to you and you you you are so bloody shit mad… dammit…
No no…
What no no?
Don’t damn It. Aiye lou It. And you’re my It. So stop talking and come here for some love actually….


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