Bandstand, the sea, the girl, coffee and me

Circa 2005: Bandstand in Bombay by the sea

I saw you accidentally enroute to grab coffee

The city and work were still very new to me

I had just got my grad school degree


Our meeting certainly wasn’t love at first sight

I didn’t get a clear picture of you that night

But something about watching the waves crash and collide

Egged me on to be back to see you against the sun at high tide


Our first morning date happened soon enough

The previous evening at work had been particularly tough

I grabbed my Cafe Mocha from Barista and looked around

Lost amidst the crowd, strangely, I felt safe and sound


The sound of the water put me completely at ease

Just looking out into the horizon gave me plenty peace

I started visiting you frequently after that

After long days at work to unwind, walk or chat

On the phone with friends back home


Somewhere in the dirty, over populated crazy city

I had finally found in you a place I loved to be

Staring into the vast expanse, the queer me felt completely free

Of all Gaysi dilemmas, fears, doubts and negativity

Looking at you, while sitting on your benches

I plotted my escape from the (corporate) hetronormative trenches

Whilst I no longer live in the maximum city anymore

Living in the secret Gaysi closet makes me miss you all the more


So I have promised myself this small little treat

When I find true love and am out of hiding, onto the street

I would bring her to you for coffee and to witness (in person)

BaNdSTaND, thE SeA in turn watching the GiRL aND (a happy and out) Me

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