Blackberry Blues

My BB misses you so badly nowadays

Cannot accept you’ve moved on to another phase


My Gmail account feels no better

Sad that you no longer wanna write it a letter


My Whatsapp messenger misses your daily update pics

Jealous that you’ve moved onto other cuter chicks


My Skype voice chat is as lonely, miserable and alone

You no longer on the other end of the phone


My BBM has no cute and corny status update to state

Heartbroken cause you no longer available to date


So Baby, in order to save my BB from lying inactive-berate

Have come up with a solution to secure it a new fate


Let’s start all over again, easy conversations to begin with, say on the latest trends

Until we reach a place where we can once again become forever friends


Only this time stronger and secure

So that my blackberry misses you no longer anymore


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TTW is a comic book loving Desi in search of greater intellectual pursuits like any other Gaysi. She is passionate about shawarma rolls, immersive theatre, conversion theories, television, transformers and Dr. McDreamy. Her #SuperConversionPowers enable her to transform from a Corporate Crusader by day to a Comic Camper by night. And yes, she time travels to an India which no longer has the anti queer provisions in Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

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