Bombay And More

[At the risk of being shunned by the MNS bullies, we present to you a poem on Mumbai Bombay by our resident author, Chicklet. We are Gay and therefore invincible.]

She bought me my first Irish coffee
In Bombay.
People in a rush all the time
In Bombay
History of past , present and future already merging
In Bombay
can’t trust your stomach with street food
In Bombay
Loud clubs, intimate passengers in local trains , sand and the sea
In Bombay
Surprising rains , old chariot at gateway of India
In Bombay
You have to take chances when crossing a road
In Bombay
Can be a fool for lesser things
Only in Bombay
Maddening traffic , bumpy roads, faraway destinations
In Bombay
Fanaticism , undefined energy , greasy poles for rat race, lovers everywhere
in Bombay
But for me its the city where she bought me my first Irish coffee. Yep, in Bombay !

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