*Note: Might contain explicit sexual content.

I came out of the shower. Scrubbed, Exfoliated, Shaved and Plucked to spanking smoothness. As I put on a pair of shorts, I was distracted – She was lying on my narrow bed. Reading. That book I’d bought yesterday. Her reading glasses were perched on the end of her nose, her brow scrunching up occasionally, her chest gently rising and falling with each breath. I felt playful and a bit jealous. Like I wanted her to all to myself. Like that book was stealing her away from me. And she was on “my” bed, wasn’t she ? How was that fair ?

I walked over to bed, she didn’t look up. I slowly crawled up above her and taking deliberate care not to knock her book, perched on my elbow looking at her. She knew I was there. She could feel me. My hand played with the end of her t-shirt, my thumb rubbing over her pelvic bone. I leaned in closer, breathed in her scent. I nuzzled her neck and gently started placing kisses over her collar bone, working my way up. When I reached the side of her neck, I opened my mouth – sucked her gently. She shifted, “Mmmmm”…I did it again, using tongue to taste her this time. She arched her neck a bit. But the book was still in her hands. I moved my leg a little bit, so it was between her legs, placed right at her sweet juncture. The hand at her hip slid inside her loose pants and firmly grasped a luscious cheek. I pulled with my hand, pushed with my leg and sucked with my mouth. She dropped the book and moaned. I smirked. Now it was just the two of us.

One hand grabbed the back of my neck. The other snuck over my bare back. She knew I was sensitive there. This could be trouble. I pulled down her pants and placed my leg back – now directly against her. I grasped and ground into her. Swirling my tongue over her earlobe, her neck. Pushing my bare torso against her. She scraped my back with her fingers…“You know that drives me…..”“I know…” I could come from just that. Suddenly I had to taste her, see her eyes and suck on her sweet tongue. I moved my head and brought my mouth hard against hers. I kissed her in the same rhythm I was fucking her. She grabbed my cheek with one hand and pushed her leg against me. Together we thrust against each other. I could feel her wetness against my leg. The quivering of her intimate parts. Her nub hard and erect wanting more. And I gladly gave. We had to stop kissing. We were breathing too hard. I looked down at her swollen lips. I was close, and absolutely helpless. She was holding on. Her eyelids kept closing. And when they opened, they told me each thrust was a wave of excruciating pleasure. We didn’t want to come. Not yet.

But she cheated. She did it again…She moved one hand to my back and ran her fingers down and back up. I let loose a groan of frustration and pleasure. I had to let go. “I’m coming…” and I ground into her harder, reaching that pinnacle with my final thrust, my back arched, muscles clenched and shuddering. And then she let go. Joining me in my pleasure, her back lifting off the bed, her mouth open but not a sound came out, her breath catching. I felt her wetness seep onto my leg while she trembled with aftershocks.

We both came down from our highs. Still breathing hard. Still pressed firmly against the other. I looked up at her, She grinned at me. I grinned back. We both burst out laughing.

“You know if you wanted the book, you could have just asked me nicely for it”

“I thought I just did”

Maybe next time I’ll tell her it is she I wanted from the start. Always.

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