Contemporary Courtesan

I don’t want to be
your wife;
best friend.

I want to be
be a contemporary courtesan
to be your intellectual equal,
To be your skilled lover,
attentive to your every need.

I want to know
how your mind ticks
play to your strengths
and weave over your weaknesses

I want to breathe the air
where you are yourself
I want to be your companion
in the talkative silences.

I want all your attention
and give you all of mine
I want to keep this on the edge,
where this relationship has no name.

I want to share stolen moments
from ambitious dreams and busy schedules
I want being with you as effortless
and as desirous as the moon rising in the sky!

I want to be a part of your world
Only a part, and not the whole.
I want us to fly together
and sometime disparate
to conquer diverse worlds
and celebrate together

I want to share a common space
Not a roof.
I want us to share experiences
not merely time.

I want no one to decide the rules
except the ones we make.
I want to know how you feel
the minute you say hello!

I want to be with you
because of you.
because of who I become when I am with you
because of what you bring out in me.

I want to be with you
without artifice
without agenda
without dependence
without financial ties.

I want to be your
contemporary courtesan!
and want you to
return the favour…

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