Dark Fantasies And Dark Chocolates

On the ride, I flirted with him and opened my bag to take my shawl out to cover myself. "That is a beautiful shawl," he complimented. "Thank you, it is my mother’s," I responded. The wind was so intense that I could not hear him at all so, I moved an inch closer, my chest touching his back.

It was the 3rd of February, 2022. I woke up to find my mother standing near my bed with a cup of hot tulsi and ginger tea. I greeted her with a ‘good morning’ and checked the time on my mobile phone; it was 7.30 and I was running late. “Oh maa! If you are standing so near to me why did you not wake me up? I am running late. I have to go to work.”

“You were moaning when I woke you up and chanting a name, what was I supposed to do? Anyway go, we will talk after you return in the evening,” my mother retorted. Let me take you back by a few hours, into my dreamland.

I was in the washroom brushing my teeth but my mind kept wandering as I looked outside the window and felt a strong, cold draft on my neck. It was extremely cold and windy that day, the trees were filled with newer, greener leaves and the sun was hiding behind the clouds. I hastened and had my breakfast after taking a quick shower. I wore a light, floral yellow kurta with a white pajama and headed for work. I could not quite focus anywhere and spent almost all the time thinking of incidental things. The day suddenly turned stormy around the late afternoon. So, I asked my boss if I could go home a little early, he agreed and I packed my bag and went down to get a quick smoke.

The storm was so bad that it felt like night had fallen, but it was just 4 in the evening. I strolled to the nearby shop to get a cigarette and something to munch on. The streets looked surprisingly empty and there was only one man I could see standing near the shop that I was approaching. As I neared, I saw that the guy was breathtakingly gorgeous. He was sporting a leather jacket and blue jeans with white shoes. His bike was parked right next to the shop while he was busy fiddling with his phone. I went inside the shop and got a pack of cigarettes and a bar of dark chocolate. While I was smoking, I tried booking a bike-ride for myself to reach back home and boom, I got a booking that said the driver had arrived. I went out of the shop to look for the bike and saw that the person who was standing there was the one. Where do you want to go? He asked with a smile. I said “wherever the map takes me,” tucking my hair behind my ears. As we started on the trip home, he asked, “where is your home?” I replied: “the place where we are going right now.”

On the ride, I flirted with him and opened my bag to take my shawl out to cover myself. “That is a beautiful shawl,” he complimented. “Thank you, it is my mother’s,” I responded. The wind was so intense that I could not hear him at all so, I moved an inch closer, my chest touching his back. While dropping me off, he said, “I am going to Chandigarh next month, I got selected for my MBA program. I stay here all by myself. My father passed away long back, and ever since I have been multi-tasking. Job and studies both.” I was awe-struck by his honesty. He continued: “why don’t we go to a coffee shop nearby where I can pay you back?” I blushed and could feel my cheeks and body turning hot. I hopped back on his bike and went to an open-roof cafe. We sipped coffee and chatted for hours. It was 8 o’ clock and my mother started calling me. I told him that I have to be back home because I and my mother had some cooking to do together. “So, what are you cooking and when can I have some?” This question stoked some hopes in me. For months now, I had not been dating and was not feeling sexually open, but this stranger seemed to open the gates of my sensuality to a different level altogether. “Do you wanna go out for drinks?” – I asked the stranger. “Why don’t we go to my place if that is okay with you? I got some scotch and rum and some chocolates that can be our chakhna.” I giggled, and called my mother to inform her that I’d be late and went with him to his place. As I entered, he turned on the fairy lights, light yellow; the same as the colour I was wearing. He asked me to make myself comfortable on the sofa and he went to the kitchen for the alcohol and got some dark chocolates in a bowl. Talks became so intimate that I asked him if he could play some songs. He played ‘Willow’ by Taylor Swift and got up to adjust the lights and this time he sat right next to me. I never could imagine vibing with a total stranger. Meanwhile, I took a cube of the chocolate and asked him to take a bite, he gently took a small bite and snatched the cube out from my hand. “Can I do something?” – he asked. My heart grew numb out of excitement, but I said yes. He took the cube on his lips, melted it and smeared it on my neck, and looked right back into my eyes. He came close to my ears and asked slowly, “Can I?”

I said yes, breathing heavily this time. His lips felt so warm on my neck and his tongue so wet. He held the other side of my neck with one hand and stroked his tongue hard on my neck this time, making a sound that made me lose control. As he paused and looked into my eyes, I knew I wanted more of it. “Can you kiss me?” Yes, he said and he kissed me deeply. I could taste the chocolates on his lips and his tongue working right. I grew so hot that I could not control myself. I pinned my nails on my thighs and scratched it hard. Holding the back of his head, I pulled him more close to me. With both of our lips intertwined, I moaned so loudly that I woke up from the dream and saw my mother standing right next to my bed, holding a cuppa tea and I rushed to the washroom to freshen up quickly and then headed to work, with my brain still lingering longingly in dreamland.

This story was about: Kink Sexuality

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