Dear You

Thoughts engulfing the dark
Voices echoing insults,
Smiles turning to snarky remarks.
The screen on my phone blinks.
A comment, from you.

You, a stranger miles away.
I won’t romanticize this feeling that I felt,
I just like being liked.

I was always jealous of people like you.
For knowing, just the right words to say.
For knowing, just how much to feel.
And for knowing, just how to love.

I do not know why
This matters so much,
This, you, commenting on every post I post.

You don’t even know me.
You don’t know about
the bodies I have buried.
You don’t know about
the words on my skin.
You don’t know about
the blood I scrubbed off the bathroom floor.

Yet, I always come back to this,
you commenting on every post I post.

This story was about: Identities Sexuality

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