Doing Mr. Khan : Ever Had This BollyWood Fantasy?


One of my affairs.

Longing, pain and suffering.
It was quite virtual,
But quite real indeed.
I was left unfulfilled and drained.
I was here, this side of the screen,
And Mr.Khan was dancing there.
The way he delivered,
That glint in the eye,
That curling of the lip,
That sly shy.
I’d immerse myself,
And reply before the heroine,
To his brewing magic and building emotions,
I’d reply with overflowing eyes.
Oh he was so good.
A perfect man to be.
Bounty in all values
And pretty like a cherry tree.
At one point I really thought
That we were meant to be
One for the other.
No inconsequence just pure glee.
In time I compromised,
And thought being a secret lover befitted,
For he was too important and known,
And I might cause him to crumble.
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Clouds, stars, lousy humans and romantic bugs, mushrooms and starfish are what I write about. These verses are fantastical dreams and twisted realities. A rich broth of many secrets, some as is and some tempered with. Be cautious before tasting.
Mayank Bisht

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