Erotica Fan-Fiction


“Hey…” Tae shakes the arm on her chest, and when it doesn’t respond she only repeats with insistence. “Hey…!”

“Mm…!” Min flips away, rolling onto her other side and chewing a wordless complaint. Tae makes an annoyed sound, draws closer at the loss of heat, pulling them together again. She buries her nose in the back of soft chestnut hair, slipping her arm under a sweaty shirt. The sun has breached the windows, the alarm clock has arrived at its destination. It is morning, but she doesn’t want to leave their blankets to pad out to the bathroom.

Not by herself, at least.

“… shower with me,” Tae mutters some time later, when her senses are coming awake but her eyes are still glued shut by dreams.

Min hums again, gentler, sweeter, happier. She pulls the hold on her waist to fit tightly, like a restraint. It grows into an embrace. Tae’s arm coils around and up her skin, cold fingers holding her throat, quiet sighs holding her ear, bony hips holding her dear.

Sharing her warmth again, Min lets out a satisfied sound in her half-sleep. Her mind erases all her notes for a 9 am meeting and forgets about a lunch-time webinar. When Tae repeats her request, just as garbled in its pronunciation but just as clear in its intent, Min smiles a little with something like victory. The sun has breached the windows, but it isn’t bright enough for her. The alarm clock has arrived at its destination, but some destinations are meant to be missed. It is morning, but she’d rather abandon the significance of that to stay here with Tae’s desperate grip, her possessive bite, her sustaining need. For Min. For no one else but Min. She smiles in victory because Tae is here and nowhere else, with nobody but her, thinking of and asking for all of her, holding her, kissing her, keeping her close.

“Hmm?” the wordless question only bolsters Min’s boldness. She twists in place until their lashes are close enough to brush and their breath is close enough to meld.

Tae shifts, but only to wrench them into a bind. Arms and legs and breasts press together. Gazes swim together. Knees knock together and soft hisses whistle together. One pets the other’s dishevelled hair. The other pouts and continues caressing a soft waist a sharp elbow a long neck. “Shower with me,” the request morphs into a command. An order. A law. And as much as Min likes to taste victory in Tae’s fervour. As much as she likes to break Tae’s laws, as much as they enjoy the tug of war between them, sometimes surrender is a victory too.

“Mm” Min cranes in and presses their mouths together, relenting with a sleepy smile.

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Vi. 30. Ace. His walls may still stand a hundred feet tall and unyielding, his sentries may still keep their guns trained on possible intruders. His gate may be locked shut and his moat may be filled with beasts that could tear Jinki to pieces should he so much as dip a toe into the black depths. But everything else that makes Kibum has fallen to pieces. His indomitable fortress protects nothing. There is no one to save and no one to keep alive. He is completely emptied. He belongs completely to Jinki.

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