Epiphany #2

I had another epiphany,

At about 11pm.

I was thinking on break ups,

On their entire need to exist.

For binds that aren’t

In a toxic state,

I was amazed that I had assumed

All this time

That they must end with a finish line.

Why we,

Even me,

Fall into this viscious cycle.

I fell into this habit

Even when experience showed me different.

See, my first love cut it off.


And it hurt me indefinitely,

But my second …

We just drifted, slowly

And gradually.

We have managed

To maintain no hatred

Or awkwardness

Or jealousy.

As I approach a third,

Potential ending,

I’m wondering

Does this ending need to exist?

Does anyone need to get hurt?

To force an ending is like

Forcing a change of fate.

Why not just let fate take its path?

Can’t we just let our beings

Move together or

Change together?

Or move apart

If they need to

And when they need to


So we can be ready for it?

Some may call that avoidance

But I call that spiritual

Respect for love, fate and

Preservation of friendship…

Lauryn Hill – Ex-Factor

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Anurag is a queer, feminist, social worker-to-be. Currently residing in the cornfields of Illinois.  Fierce, emotional and reclaiming the brown-ness. 

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