I had an epiphany at 4am

While I was thinking about that special soul

Wondering what she would tell me to do

Imagining her response – To my dilemma


And in these thoughts, these fantasies

Where I would think of what she would say

I conjured up solutions to my problem

Possible answers and suggestions


This is when I realized

That the girl I have been looking for – Is myself


In the absence of the one I love

And in the moments I have felt most alone

All I needed to do was listen

And my thoughts are enough to sustain me


Through my own voice

My own embrace

I answer my own prayers

And she, me, is here, everywhere



“I wish I could show you,

When you are lonely or in darkness,

The Astonishing Light

Of your own Being!”


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Anurag is a queer, feminist, social worker-to-be. Currently residing in the cornfields of Illinois.  Fierce, emotional and reclaiming the brown-ness. 

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