Erotica : Lust Making

It was a cold winter night. I was standing in my closet with a towel wrapped around my chest, drying myself after a shower. I stood there wondering which pajamas to wear, when suddenly I felt two hands grabbing my breasts. A warm body embraced me from behind. I didn’t have to turn around to figure out who it was. Her warm breath on the back of my neck was enough to know.

She was teasing me and kissing my neck softly and biting occasionally, just to drive me crazy. My mind was in chaos, trying to decide whether or not to stop her, as we had an early morning the next day, or to let her ravish me with her kisses.

Her words pulled me out of my thoughts. She whispered in my ear, “Hey sexy, why do you torture me so much? I thought you had early morning plans and here you are standing naked, inviting me to have my way with you.” Her breathing was rugged and her intentions were clear. She wasn’t going to let me sleep, not until she fulfilled her desire.

I tried to turn around but she held me tight, still playing with my breasts. She had enough of the towel standing between her and my bare skin. She pulled the towel down and started kissing my neck hungrily, her fingers squeezing and pulling on my nipples. I was losing control, my mind could not win this battle against her touch, and she had a power over me which could not be won over by any amount of logic.

I decided to give in and enjoy the pleasure she was giving me and let her take control. She pushed me against a nearby wall, still standing behind me, sucking on my neck and hands on my breasts. My pussy lips were getting moist with hunger and I wanted her inside me more than anything in the world.

I pulled her hand from my breast and guided it to my most urgent need of being filled by her. She grabbed my pussy with her palm and squeezed it hard. A soft moan escaped my lips. Lust was taking over me and she was taking her time teasing and torturing. I tried to push her fingers inside but she wouldn’t let me. My breathing was heavy and my legs were getting weak.

I pleaded, “Please… I want you… Don’t tease me so much.”

She bit my ear gently and whispered, “If I give you what you want, can I do as I please with you later?”

I knew what she wanted and I was scared of giving it to her, but in that moment my brain had lost its capacity to make a careful decision. My body was burning up, my juices oozing out of me, she had me right where she wanted and knew I would let her do anything. I tried to push her fingers inside me again, a failed attempt it was. She was determined to do what she had in mind and wouldn’t satisfy my yearning unless I agree to it. I gave up.

“Fine! Just fuck me right now!” She thrust two fingers inside me, filling me and biting my neck sharply. The combination of pain and pleasure was driving me crazy. I knew I wouldn’t last long. Her fingers pumped in and out while her left hand squeezed my breast and pinched my nipples. She slid her leg between mine and spread them further giving her more access to the depths of my pussy.

I could feel her deep inside me, her fingers would curl up occasionally massaging my g-spot. I felt my warm juices running down my thighs, sensing my orgasm closing in she slid one more finger inside, pushing me on the verge. Her body was pressed up against me, holding me tight against the wall and her fingers were driving me crazy. I couldn’t take it anymore and let go, my orgasm hit me hard, and I was screaming her name and breathing wildly. She held me tight and kept fucking me hard, not letting the orgasm subside. I had to beg her to stop, otherwise I would have fainted. Her fingers left my aching pussy and she sucked on them, tasting me.

She turned me around and as she kissed my lips, I could sense her hunger and knew she wasn’t done yet. I kissed her back, sucking her lower lip in my mouth, biting it. Her hands were on my ass, massaging and squeezing the cheeks. She pulled me up by my ass and I wrapped my legs around her waist, kissing her the whole time. I didn’t want to leave those juicy soft lips, not even to breath.

She started walking towards our bed, holding me in her arms and kissing me roughly. Her lust for me was increasing with every minute and my pussy was still dripping with excitement. She laid me on the bed gently, my legs still wrapped around her waist, mouth still hungrily kissing. I started pulling her pajamas down, I wanted to feel her skin against my own. She pulled away momentarily to take her clothes off and was on top of me again.

She grabbed my wrists and held them above my head; her mouth was on mine and her tongue exploring it. I could feel her warm body against mine, burning with desire and lust. Her breasts were rubbing against mine. sending bolts of electricity throughout my body. She positioned herself on top of me to make sure our pussies were rubbing up against each other. I could feel her wetness, her throbbing pussy rubbing and pushing against mine. Our bodies were on fire and we couldn’t take it anymore.

She picked up pace and started humping my pussy hard. I could hear the sloppy noises of wet pussies being humped echoing in the room. She started biting my lips hard causing me to jump a little, but I couldn’t move much as her body kept me down. Her kiss became more intense, more eager which made me realize that she was close. Her breathing got ragged and the humping got faster. Knowing that she was so close to orgasm drove me crazy. I started cumming with her, her mouth absorbing my moans and screams while I tried hard to free my wrists so I could hold her tight but she wouldn’t let go.

Her grip loosened as she came down from her orgasm and I quickly freed my wrists and held on to her. Her lips let go and she rested her head on my chest, laying on top of me and hearing my heartbeat.

“I love you so much,” I told her and kissed her forehead. She got up on her hands, hovering above me, she looked into my eyes with love and passion, like she did the first time we made love.

She brought her lips closer to mine and said, “I love you too sweetheart, and just to be clear, I am not done with you yet.” I smiled and pulled her closer to kiss her luscious lips.

In between kisses I told her, “I am not done having you either.” We started giggling and making out softly.

After what seemed like five minutes she started to pull away from me. I didn’t want her to go so I kept pulling her closer.

She smiled and kissed my lips softly one more time and said, “Give me a minute love, I need to get something so I can do with you, as I please.” I had a clue what she might have in mind but none the less I waited eagerly for her to get back. After a minute or two she came back to bed wearing our new “in and out double dildo panty”. The dildo inside the panty was 8” which was for her and the one outside was 10”. Since I had never had a huge dildo like that before I was a little scared of it. She could sense my worry but was still smiling devilishly as she was finally going to have her way with me.

I said, “I think I’m tired, how about we do this some other time,” and started getting up from the bed. But she quickly jumped on me and held me down with my hands above my head.

She kissed me softly on my lips again and said, “There is no way I’m letting you go tonight, I am going to fuck the hell outta you. You are going to be my obedient slave and will listen to what I say.” She let go of my hands for a second and took out the handcuffs which she had wisely hid and started cuffing my hands to the bed.

I couldn’t stop her even if I wanted to, because then her revenge would be rougher than what she was about to do to me. I was going to be an obedient slave just like she wanted. After my hands were cuffed, she started kissing my neck and licking my collar bone. She knew if my hands were untied I would have stopped her as I was very ticklish to her soft tongue on my collar bone. With the devilish grin still on her face she licked my collar bone mercilessly, making my body shiver with electricity.

After torturing me for some time, she diverted her attention towards my boobs, her expert tongue licked around my nipples, giving me goosebumps. She sucked the now erect nipple in her warm mouth and was biting it. She paid attention to both my breasts, licked, sucked, bit and squeezed them to her heart’s content. I was dripping wet with anticipation and the way she was torturing me with her sexy mouth and hands.

She kissed her way down to my stomach and got between my legs. She spread my legs wider and got very close to my wet pussy. I could feel her warm breath on my clit. It was driving me crazy. I wanted her to touch me and as if reading my mind she did, with her tongue. She gave my pussy one long slow lick pausing at my clit and putting a little pressure on it. Then she licked her lips and just stared at me.

She loved the sight of me helpless under her ministrations, driving me crazy with lust and making me hungry for rough sex. My eyes pleaded with her to do something to release the tension between my legs which was very obvious with my dripping pussy. She lowered her head, with her fingers spread open my pussy lips and blew warm air on my clit making me shiver. She slid her tongue inside me just a little to tease me to the point of no return. I tried to move my hips towards her tongue wanting more of her inside me, but she held me down and continued teasing.

Every nerve in my body was burning as if hot lava was flowing through my veins. She finally got up, picked up the lubricant and squeezed its contents on the 10” dildo. She stroked the toy as if it was her cock and spread the lubricant evenly on it. With her lubricated hand she massaged my pussy to apply some lubricant on it.

She slid two fingers inside and with a wide grin on her face said, “Hot and wet, just the way I like it. Now get ready to be fucked!” As soon as her sentence finished she grabbed my legs from under the knees and spread them as wide as possible. She started inserting the huge dildo inside me, slowly thrusting it in. I started moaning loudly and screaming when it would not go in. She slid it out and thrust it in again but this time with more pressure. It was 4” inside me, when she pulled it out and pushed it back in again made another inch disappear inside me. She kept repeating this until 8 inches were inside me, I begged her not to push it in any further but I knew she would not stop until the whole thing was inside me.

She let go of my leg and laid on top of me, kissing my neck she whispered, “Do you have any idea how crazy you make me, I want to fuck you so hard and that is exactly what I am going to do.” With this she started pumping the dildo inside me, slowly at first, with every thrust it seem to go deeper inside me. She was biting my earlobes and moaning throatily. The more she got excited the harder she would fuck me. I couldn’t take it anymore and was very close to an orgasm. All of a sudden she slowed down making me whimper.

I begged her, “Please, please, please… I’m begging you, don’t slow down… Pleaseeeeee.” She got on her elbows, stared into my eyes and started thrusting again but very slowly. I started into her black eyes, intoxicating me, mesmerising me with her beauty. I could feel her inside me, thrusting gently, making love to my body and to my soul with her eyes. I wished my hands were free so I could hold her in my arms and never let go, keep making love to her like this, for the rest of our lives. I felt a deep connection with her, so deep that it seemed we were two bodies one soul. The love and passion in her eyes was so evident that it made me want her more than ever.

I whispered, “I love you so much!”

She kissed my lips softly and replied “I love you too”. With that she thrust the dildo deep inside me and I could feel her lower body touch mine, I realized she was completely inside me, the whole 10 inches! At this point her lust took over and she started pumping the dildo harder and faster inside me. She started sucking on my boobs aggressively, biting them hard leaving marks on my soft flesh. She was fucking me so hard that the bed started making squeaking noises which it normally wouldn’t. I was moaning and screaming her name, begging her to fuck me harder. She loved kissing me when I moaned and screamed her name.

Her mouth was on mine and her pumping was faster and harder, she was so deep inside me that I could feel the dildo touching the wall of my uterus. I could sense she was close and I wasn’t far behind. She was the first one to cum and in the excitement of her orgasm she was fucking me even harder, penetrating me deeper, and in a sense ripping me apart. It wasn’t long before my own orgasm swept through me, making me bite her lips in sheer excitement. She kept pumping even though her orgasm had subsided, enjoying making me quiver with her lust-making.

After what seemed like eternity my body calmed down, her lips were still kissing me. We were spent and too tired to move but she kept kissing me not wanting this moment to end.

I moaned in her mouth, “It’s hurting me a little.” She giggled and pulled out the dildo which was still deep inside me. She un-cuffed my hands and I quickly wrapped them around her, kissing her neck and expressing my love to her. She held me in her arms and before we knew it, we were sleeping in each other’s arms; still naked, and still wanting more.

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