Fiction: Prim and Wild

Kay sat at her desk, rattling the pen in hand against her other palm. She was fast losing patience. This designer was supposed to have showed up an hour ago. Where has professionalism gone and fucked itself, she thought angrily to herself. She buzzed Rene, her assistant. “Where is she, Rene? Please call her back to not bother. Jesus,” she said forcefully into the intercom. Even as she paused, the door burst open. “I’m sorry. Didn’t anticipate that traffic,” bespoke this wide-eyed, eyebrow-pierced vision with an afro head. She had an apologetic look in her eyes and half a smile. Kay felt her anger leave. Oh no, you don’t, she yanked at her temper. One hour was too damn long for a status meeting with a freelancer. Some hippie-looking, unprofessional freelancer. Giving her the once-over, Kay nodded at a chair to her. “Thanks! I’m Jess,” the girl said, flashing a smile. “Hm. Kay. Please let’s get on with it. Where are you with the assignment?,” Kay asked her, hard-eyed. “The only reason I’ve not fired you yet is because Rene seems to think very highly of you. She better be right.”

Whoa, tight-ass, thought Jess to herself. Rolling her eyes in her head, she pulled out her designs out of their cover. “Here you go. This is how I have visualised it. See? Because it’s in sync with the logic—”

“I don’t like it,” cut in Kay. She surprised herself. She was never one to shoot something down before she heard it through. She didn’t feel very benevolent at the moment, though. Narrowing her eyes at Jess, she couldn’t help but notice something high-strung about Jess. Please, mess with me, it seemed to beg Kay. She caved.

“I do not like it, Jess. This is not good enough. First, you come late to an update meeting. Then, you show poor work.”

Jess sucked in a cold breath, shaking from the heat of that insult. Struggling to reign in her temper, she bit out, “If you would let me—”

“Let you what? For this, I shouldn’t let you anything. You clearly need to be told what to do.”

“I don’t work for you, remember, Kay?” Jess couldn’t help herself. As much as she needed the dough, she hated working with the corporate tight-asses. Especially when they weren’t that bad on the eyes. Hungrily, she caught glances of Kay’s smooth skin just below her neck, the contrast of her white shirt against the dusk of her skin, her flat torso wrapped snuggly by the slim fit— “Are you done yet?” asked Kay, heat surging through her body, down to her depths. She was not sure if she should book this girl for such gross unprofessional conduct or if she should take her on the desk right then. Kay was beyond being surprised at her reaction to Jess and it was clear to see that Jess was thinking along the same lines. What else could explain that up-and-down movement of her ample bosom? She caught sight of the swell of Jess’s breast through the gape in her black shirt. A size too small. Someone should take her shopping. Walking over to Jess in one smooth movement, Kay bent down to grab Jess’s chin with one hand and kissed her. If that could be called one. All thought left Jess’s mind as Kay’s tongue plundered her mouth. She was no longer in her body as Kay nipped at her lower lip. Reality sank in as she felt Kay’s palm on her breast, light and sure, almost as if asking for permission. Fire surging through her blood, Jess stood up, grabbing at Kay’s suit, kissed her back with as much fervour. There weren’t any rules anymore. Their hands flailed about wildly, straining to touch skin, tearing at fabric, their mouths fused the entire time. Kay pulled Jess to her by the small of her back, her body firing up as she felt Jess’s unfettered thrust. Lifting her up by her round bottom, Kay walked to the couch on the far side of the room. Laying Jess down, she fought with her skirt to touch her thighs on the outer sides. She could practically wrap one hand around an entire thigh. What do girls eat these days, she thought to herself, as she slowed the pace of her kiss.

Jess thought she would die if Kay touched her right then. She could already feel the heat seeping through the fabric of her panty. She nipped at Kay’s lips impatiently. “Oh no, you don’t,” said Kay as she broke away slightly. “I call the shots. Understand?,” she commanded. Jess could only nod, like a snake to the charmer. Not breaking the gaze, Kay traced upwards along Jess’s thighs, making sure that she felt her nails. She brought down Jess’s panties in similar fashion, slowly and deliberately. Jess stared at Kay transfixed, sinking into the sensation of sharp nails against the sensitive skin of her thighs. Her eyelids fluttered as Kay traced patterns along her inner thigh. “No. Look at me,” said Kay with authority. Holding her gaze, Kay slipped  a single finger into Jess’s panties, tracing the length of her wetness. Jess bit her lip in anticipation. “Put it in,” she begged. Smiling slightly, Kay shook her head, circling around Jess’s clit. An eternity could have passed on the edge of the world for Jess. She could feel it mounting; she wouldn’t be able to hold back then. Her eyes pleaded with Kay’s. Kay continued playing keys on her clit. “Mhmmm, ohh.”

“You like that,” stated Kay. Because Kay never asked. Kay just knew and Kay stated.

Jess could only blink at her, her eyelids threatening to shut.

Right at that sweet moment, Kay slipped in two fingers inside Jess’s sopping wet pussy. In the split of that second, Kay began pumping heavily inside Jess. With her free hand, she closed Jess’s mouth as her cries began. Deeper and deeper, she built a steady rhythm even as Jess’s body convulsed. In, out, in, out, in, a swirl. Kay could feel Jess’s teeth on her fingers, venting out all that pent-up passion. Jess’s hands were gripping at her hair, as if to contain all her feelings. “Let go,” whispered Kay, as she thrust deeply and definitely. “Ohhhhhhhh, mmmmmm,” moaned Jess, as softly as she could. Still shuddering, she propped herself on her elbows and looked down at Kay’s fingers still inside her. Looking back at Kay, she smiled slowly. “I should’ve been sent the agenda. I’d have been here yesterday.”

“You ask for too much, freelancer,” mumbled Kay as she moved on top of Jess. Any protest that might have come from Jess was probably lost in their subsequent kiss.

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