Forget that the world we live in may never be ready to see us as one

Forget that the family who brought us up will have nothing but a huge heartbreak if they ever hear of us

Forget that people sneer when we walk hand in hand

And talk and laugh at our backs because we are strange to them

Forget that us finding love is unnatural to planet earth

Especially so in the continent we were born to

And imagine, that we are just another two people in this big, huge world

Who want to be together and which the world sees legal

…Just stay with me this moment

Let’s freeze it and make it our own

Let’s forget tomorrow, let’s forget our lives

Just take my hand

And let me lay in your arms

Let’s forget about the world

We have “right now” and we have each other

So let this moment freeze

And the rest of the world move as they will

Right now, right here, with you is all I need.

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