Good Morning

Sun rays pour through the sheer curtains as I wake. I rub my eyes and become aware of the warm, naked body pressed against me. Diana isn’t disturbed by my movements. Her arms are wrapped around me tightly, her face buried in the nape of my neck, where her slow, deep breaths tickle me. I stretch and roll to my back. She moves to curl up on top of me but can’t escape her arms as she keeps them wrapped around my waist. I smile, remembering the intimacy we shared on this boat yesterday; our hands caressing each other, my lips on her neck… her tongue dancing on my clit.

Diana’s head rests on my chest, her bare breasts press against my waist. Sleepily, she snuggles closer and brushes her lips against my collarbone. I watch her for a bit while she snoozes peacefully. I gently press a kiss on the top of her head, and then another… and another. I kiss down to her forehead, her closed lids, her nose, the little moles above her lip. When I kiss her cheek, she stirs and murmurs sleepily, “It’s too early, Princess.”

“It’s never too early, my Queen,” I whisper, and kiss the corner of her mouth.

I wrap my arms around and roll her over on her back. I straddle her thighs, lean over and kiss across her jawline to her earlobe.

“Eager this morning, aren’t we?” she smirks. 

I kiss along her collarbone. She moans when I reach the curve of her neck and gently suck. I cup her breasts and stroke her nipples with my thumbs. I nuzzle her shoulder, breathing in the salty citrus scent of her skin.

“Don’t just tease me like this, Princess,” she giggles, running her fingers through my hair.

I kiss down her to her breasts, take one of her nipples in my mouth and start to suck. She groans and lightly pulls at my hair. My fingers slowly trail down her body until my hand reaches between her legs. I part her lips and stroke them gently. My fingers move to her clit, spreading her wetness over it. I kiss down her stomach, burying my face in her beautiful body. With my thumb lightly on her clit, I slip one finger inside her easily, and then another.

Diana moans when I twist my fingers inside her. She bends her knees and spreads her legs to give me better access. I lift my head to see; she has one hand tangled in my hair and the other gripping the sheets. I’ve found a rhythm now, with my fingers inside her and my thumb stroking her clit. My other hand steadies on her hip to hold her in place, but she’s moving to meet my strokes. I trace her belly with my tongue as I quicken the pace. She’s so wet, I know she’s close. She gasps and calls out my name, gripping my hair tighter. I’m too eager now and I rub harder to let her release. Diana clenches against my fingers. She moans deeply and throws back her head, arching her back. She gushes onto my fingers, soaking them. I wait until her body relaxes, and for her hand to slip out of my hair before I slowly pull my fingers out of her. She’s flush and still panting when our eyes meet.

I stare into her eyes as I raise my wet fingers to my lips and suck them clean, tasting her. She smirks and raises an eyebrow. I pull myself up to give her a lingering kiss and murmur, “Good morning.”

This story was about: Gender Identities Lesbianism Sexuality

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