Graphic Story: Season Of Balls

Groaning, he climbed out of bed to get ready. Flexing his arms to let his lean muscles ripple, he pulled on a pair of small boxers, and scratched a scruffy chest on the way to the washroom. It wasn’t like he loved football or anything, but ever since his folks moved to the area; he felt he should hang out with the boys. Honestly, he’d have preferred to read a book, or perhaps sketch. The male form was his specialty.

Written by: Kushboo
Illustrated by: Jahnavi Amarnani

This story was about:

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Kushboo is a drag artist and lawyer based in Delhi. She engages in rights-based work and also art to stimulate conversations. Irreverent of gender as a construct, Kushboo uses drag to illustrate the power of illusion and express her imagination. Instagram: @kushboothekween Facebook: /Kushboothekween

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