Graphic Story: Surprise!

Someone once said that it takes 2 seconds for someone to assume a man and woman are together simply because they’re standing together, while it takes lesbians 3 hours and a powerpoint presentation to be taken seriously as a couple.

This Lesbian Visibility Day, we’re talking about how ‘surprising’ it is that two women end up together even though they’ve obviously been going out. Their relationship has been gazed at by different people at different points of time, all the time- whether family, friends, relatives or general people while they are out here doing what most couples do. And yet, when they choose to get married, our society is still at a loss of words. “HOW? But we thought they were best friends’’.

So let’s learn to take all romances seriously, all crushes with equal importance- not just the ‘accepted’ ones.

Written by: Pooja Krishnakumar
Illustrated by: Shirish Ghatge

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Jo Krishnakumar is a trans queer researcher interested in all things sex, sexuality, gender and how different groups/people experience these wor(l)ds. Their work is informed by their constant learning/unlearning of the privileges they have due to their social location as a dominant/oppressive caste person (Nair) while also occupying space as a (mentally) disabled trans person of colour. Find them on their unfinished webspace

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