He Said

It really was ‘A Bad Day’. The script was haunting me. Backstage drama had reached its peak. I stormed out of the green room and walked. Simply walked. It was the eve of the performance. Anxiety, pressure, nausea and anger were at a peak.  As I kept walking, the tears started oozing out. I craved for a hug. Somewhere inside, I knew it would all be fine. At that moment, I just wanted somebody to say so. What happened next was a reflex reaction, I called him…

I said-“Hi”

He said-“Hey. You don’t sound okay. What happened?”

I said-“It’s just tomorrow. There is so much…uh…I don’t know.”

He said-“Tell me all about it. I am listening.”

I said-“Wait. Did you pick up those clothes? Please tell me you did.”

He said-“Shite! I forgot. I am a bad boyfriend!”

I said-“What? I need them for tomorrow!! Also, since when did you become my boyfriend?”

He said-“I always was, you silly girl. I am your Theo, remember?”

I said-“Yes. But…eh. No. I don’t want you. You’re blocking all the prospective women in my life.”

He said-“I don’t like it but, you’re blocking all the prospective men in my life too.”

I said- “Stop. I need to rant; I am having a bad day. And you have to run errands for me.”

He said-“I’ll try. Like I said, I am a bad boyfriend.”

I said-“Give me love. Cheer me up.”

He said-“I don’t know what else to do, so I am going to say, I love you and I AM always beside you.”

I said-“You’re  corny and annoying!”

He said-“Tell me where you are, so I can come and BE beside you, physically.”

I said- “But aren’t you the bad boyfriend?”

He said-“Not always. Sometimes I am me.”

I said-“This is stupid. We need to put a break to this.”

He said- “Why do we? Isn’t this nice?”

I said- “Yes, it is. But you are not my boyfriend.”

He said-“Denial is the first stage of acceptance.”

I said-“I do love you but I am not in love with you. Also you know this better than me, there is no romance between us.”

He said- “But, there is love and understanding between us. There is a strong connection. Don’t you think that will suffice for now?”

I smiled to myself. The weather was pleasant and the empty roads suddenly looked beautiful.

I said-“Alright. Come over. I want to kiss you now.”


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