Hello – Goodbye!

Three little words

“Time and space”

Justify immediate exits

With a touch of grace


“It’s about me…not you”

Another favourite – so true

To soften the blow

‘Cause they think you’re psycho


“Want to take a break”

Knowing fully well

There’s no chance in hell

To return for a retake


Probably the funniest of ‘em all

“Need to focus on my career”

Ingeniously invented

To cushion your fall


But the best saved for the end

Is when they continue to play pretend

“Someday …I’ll be back”

Keeping false hopes alive and on track


Cute brown puppy dog eyes

Would it be illogical?

To not read between the lines

Believe it’s the truth and not sugar coated lies


You had me at Hello!

Convincing me friendship was worth a try

But why do I secretly suspect?

You chose an early Goodbye!

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TTW is a comic book loving Desi in search of greater intellectual pursuits like any other Gaysi. She is passionate about shawarma rolls, immersive theatre, conversion theories, television, transformers and Dr. McDreamy. Her #SuperConversionPowers enable her to transform from a Corporate Crusader by day to a Comic Camper by night. And yes, she time travels to an India which no longer has the anti queer provisions in Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

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