All I want is that one person.
The over-rated one person.
Him, who makes me feel like the half of one.

Last night
I snapped and thought that it was the end of you & me
I was no longer wasting my time on you
I want a lover not a friend
I want you, all of you

You of the husky voice
You who were unhandsome
You who became my love
You who make my eyes moist every time my mind veers to you
You who stir my gut
You who set fire to my soul
You who I have never set my eyes upon
You who make my heart ache
You who sound so serious
You with your sardonic wit
You who I will never share with anyone
You who I have never ever met
You who I professed my love to
You who make my heart skip a beat
You who I don’t know will ever be mine
You who I wish I had never known

I think of you all the time
Tell me, do you think of me too?

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