I Don’t Need Your Love

Hey there! I’m calling out to you

Dark skinned and lean and a slight beard too.

Don’t notice me. I’m all the while looking away from you.

Don’t call me. I’m never available on the phone.


If you want me to take you up

Like a bird that just learnt to fly.

If you want me to lead you on

Like an experienced show girl faking a cry.

Just glance this way and notice me…

I’ve noticed you, not noticing me…


My face should charm you. It usually does the trick

My manners are warm and my lipstick’s thick.

Fill me with your attention, show me your smile

I’ll show you my ways and go that extra mile

to give you pleasure that you never will have seen

Pleasure you may have heard of, but never have ever been.


I don’t need your love. I don’t need you, love.

You’re all that I always wanted. All that I never had.

Don’t notice me. Don’t call me. My heart’ll never be reached.

Pay for this body. My soul’s not for sale.

Its fortress cannot be breached.

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