Iceland : Part 2

*Note: Might contain explicit sexual content.

She took out the map of Iceland and asked if I wanted to go for a drive…“Why Iceland ?” I asked. And I wasn’t surprised when she said “The hottest love has the coldest ending. Isn’t it? ” I should have known that few things never change. She was always notorious for asking questions but not answering. I smiled for I had lost the battle.

Things always happened between us without my consent. And accepted them all. We walked towards the Audi which was parked around the corner. She held my hand very tightly as if she owned me. Her hands were wet and cold. As we settled into the car; she switched on the radio and started driving. It was playing Beatles ‘In my life’. Did it mean anything? I didn’t know then and I don’t know now. Her house wasn’t far from the corner. I assumed she needed some warm clothes. She gestured me to follow her. That’s when I noticed her dramatic purple long tee. She wasn’t wearing anything below. Her black hair was left loose on her right shoulder. I followed her into the apartment. It was on the 6th floor; facing the sea.

Her room was big but cosy. She had written haiku in Spanish all over the walls. She got me a glass of chilled wine while she gently sucked an ice cube. I could hear the melting of ice into her mouth. The crackling sounded like thunder, for it had started to rain somewhere. Before I knew it, she pushed me to the wall letting the glass hit the floor and covered my mouth with hers. Her tongue was wild and piercing cold. She slid her hands in my shirt and dug her nails in my breasts.

Her eyes were neither tired nor shy. Her gaze was too serious, too  intimate, too searching. I noticed her round breasts peeking seductively from beneath the purple cotton tee. The nipples were hard and I gave in to the desire of the moment. But she neither denied she wanted me nor did she let me come close to her. I imagined what it might be like to caress her smooth, dusky skin, and pluck her soft buds. The aroma of her body was making my mouth water. My hands reached out and found their place in her hair. Her eyes closed and I knew she was melting. She turned to go away but I refused to let go and instead twirled her around.

Planting a thousand lingering kisses on her neck and shoulder; I slowly moved down and my mouth reached the base of her spine. This was not how I had imagined our first love making seven years ago.

My head had weaved a different story that Friday evening while I was waiting for her.But before I could shut my mind and pull off her tee she said out loud. There are many Fridays in every season. You never mentioned if it was the first of spring or winter!’

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