Iceland : Part 3 (Finale)

*Note: Post contains explicit sexual content.

“It was winter dammit. December 2003!” She pushed me away and walked towards the couch. I had no choice but to follow her. She threw off her tee and sat on the couch with her big black eyes staring at me. I held the eye contact and took off my shirt and jeans. That was “the moment” when I was just minutes away from holding her in my arms and tasting every bit of her. The moment which kept me just inches away from quenching my seven years of desire. The knowing that I would be able to smell her and take joy in what my lips, tongue, fingers and feet would do to her.

The words on the wall danced in front of my eyes “un mundo de rocío, y dentro de cada gota de rocío ; un mundo de passion”. It meant “a world of dew, and within every dewdrop; a world of passion!”

I pushed her down and moved my mouth over her right nipple and gently let it rest between my lips. She inhaled sharply and her chest rose, pushing her nipple into my mouth. I dabbed at it with my tongue, sucking very softly at the increasingly tense flesh. She tried to pull on her restraints and asked if I ever talked about her with my lover. I pressed my body full length against hers and said ‘No!’. My mouth was just at the right height to take in her other nipple, and I did not hide the pleasure as I sucked, letting my lips open wide to take in the surrounding flesh, while my tongue swirled around the nipple. I looked at her and saw a combination of pleasure from what I was doing and frustration at her obvious inability to win the struggle against her body’s wishes.

As my lips touched her neck, she turned her head giving me a silent invitation. I sucked hard everywhere I could, biting when the mood struck, and leaving several bruises on her skin.

I closed my eyes. My hands weren’t mine anymore. I let them dance on her skin and… suddenly I felt her gently sucking on my earlobe and her hands sliding down my bare back and cupping my butt cheeks. She turned me over and caressed the sides of my body as she kissed, nipped, and licked the stomach.

I opened my eyes and saw the ceiling holding the wisdom to me, “ futuro y pasado, la verdad de este momento; Teje un hilo solo”. It meant “Future and past, The truth of this moment; Weaves a single thread”. ??My mind wandered to the years gone by. To the moment when I had seen her for the first time with my lover.

I wasn’t prepared for the sensation that came when she grazed her hands over my hips and the tops of thighs before working her fingers down to the soft curly hair between my legs. Her fingers were spreading the labia apart, and when her tongue touched the sensitive flesh, I couldn’t help but cry. Our breathing rapidly became gasping and she struggled hard against her desire to go all the way in. The flicking stopped and instead the swollen nub was taken softly into the mouth. Her lips wrapped around it, creating a gentle pressure and driving me crazy. She’d forgotten why she had been holding back all this while. There was something my body was striving for and it was in harmony with what was happening in that moment. She was rubbing me hard with her mouth and sliding her long tongue inside me over and over. It seemed like she intended on sucking every last drop of essence from my body. I felt it building up in me, rising from the toes and … And that’s when she asked about my lover. Oh, how I didn’t want to remember my lover tonight. The lover. The eternal lover. The one who left me damaged in more ways than I could think of…

She saw it in my eyes and in that moment; she froze. Her body became piercing cold and she withdrew herself from me. I tried to reach her but she pushed me away and said, “An Iceland of hers, the treasure of my soul; I was searching in you!”
(Una Islandia suya,tesoro de mi alma; ¡Yo buscaba en usted! )

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