The place was loud and buzzing and I was 4 drinks down. As I got up to leave I noticed her sitting quietly in the corner. The memories flashed like a zipper. December 2003. We were both in our teens and I had met her after a theatre workshop. She was smoking near the banyan tree and looking at the sky. It was a beautiful hour in the afternoon when she was a treat to my hungry eyes. She looked gorgeous with those sun rays falling on her . Her back was towards me but suddenly she turned around and stared at me. I smiled and waved at her. She walked towards me, held my hand and kissed me. Her mouth tasted of burnt caramel. She pushed me back and walked out of the college. I had a lover and we both knew it. That was the last time I had seen her.

Its 2010. And here she is. Sitting quietly in the corner. I approached her with unsteady legs and a quivering smile. I am surprised that she doesn’t recognize me. What better way than to be strangers to reconcile! She told me that she works as a nude performer in the galleries of NY.

Boy, was I surprised! I imagined her pinned against the wall with her arms and legs stretched apart. In that moment She became the subject, the object and the medium of my imaginative art work. Her hair brushing over her shoulders, drops of sweat rolling down her arm and her eyes staring in the light. I remembered Lady Chatterlee’s Lover.

The blues of the evening were melting in the night. Intimacy was
fusing with vulnerability, thoughts with human touch and insanity with desire.

It was as if she read my thoughts. She took out the map of Iceland and asked me if I wanted to go for a drive…

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