It Happened One Night

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

Zarina landed at Tokyo’s international airport and went straight to the hotel near the convention center. She had arrived two days before the opening of the trade fair in order to catch her breath and allow adequate time for setting up Zylo’s booth for the Japan Art Expo.

Priya, her assistant, was due to arrive in a few hours. If she wasn’t too tired, thought Zarina, they could go out for a glass of wine and sushi. Zarina had been craving real sushi the whole way to Japan.

Zarina suddenly felt a bit nervous. She and Priya were alone together in Tokyo. Zarina had been wildly attracted to Priya from the moment she had laid eyes on her. She had never wanted to hire her, but her business partner had insisted. Priya came from a rich, South Bombay family. She had married even richer. Her in-laws were textile barons.

Zarina was a self-made person and she was somewhat disdainful of anyone who had had easy street. Her partner argued that Priya’s social contacts would give them an in to the big families. Ten months later that hadn’t happened. Priya was incapable of pitching anything to anyone. But she was a dedicated and sincere worker who was a simple, down-to- earth girl at heart. Zarina had become quite fond of her.

At exactly 7.05pm the phone rang. It was Priya. She had just checked in.

“Are you tired or shall we go for a quick drink and dinner?” enquired Zarina.

“I’m fine,” answered Priya in her typical sweet but nervous manner. “I just need to freshen up.”

“Great. Why don’t we meet in the lobby in 20 minutes?”

“Ya ok” came Priya’s reply.

Zarina hung up. She sensed the beginning of butterflies in her stomach but she shooed them away. Push come to shove, Zarina knew it would be a disaster if anything happened between them. It would be like shitting on her own doorstep.

She met Priya in the lobby and they walked into the warm October evening. Zarina wore a light denim jacket. Priya wrapped a shawl around her shoulders. They went to a mall down the street and found a cute wine bar where they had a glass of white wine each and talked shop. Zarina couldn’t help thinking how good Priya looked despite the long travel. She had dark circles under her eyes, but her light olive skin was fresh. She was glowing under the dim, romantic lights of the wine bar.

Zarina paid on her credit card and they walked across the mall to a popular restaurant called Sake that Zarina had found on the internet. Zarina ordered for both of them and they ordered a glass of wine each. The conversation flowed and Zarina found an opening to ask a few personal questions.

Priya seemed easier than Zarina had ever seen her. She laughed openly and engaged in conversation. There was something so natural and elegant about her. Their feet touched once or twice under the table. Every time that happened, Priya would move her foot away. Zarina found her heart skipping beats. No matter how attractive she found Priya, Zarina had always maintained her distance. She didn’t like mixing business with pleasure. But today…she could feel herself slipping.

Zarina looked at her watch. Almost 11pm and they had an early day tomorrow. She paid and they headed back to the hotel. The ride in the elevator was silent. They reached the third floor and the elevator doors opened. Priya turned to say bye. Almost as a reflex, Zarina pulled Priya back into the elevator and pushed her up against the elevator wall and pressed herself against her. She found Priya’s mouth with her lips. How she had been aching for this! She felt Priya’s small breasts against her chest. Suddenly, Zarina felt a sharp sting on her cheek.

Priya had slapped her! What had she expected? Priya burst into tears. “You’re disgusting! How dare you?” She ranted as she ran out the elevator and disappeared around the corner. The elevator’s doors shut and Zarina was shuttled to her floor.

God! What a mess! She had an awful sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. She entered her room and plopped herself on the corner of the bed and weighed her options. She looked at Priya’s Fendi bag, which was now lying on her bed. Priya had dropped it before she had run out of the elevator. Zarina decided to call her.

“Look,” said Zarina as calmly as she could. “Let’s talk about this. And if you decide you want to go home, I will book you on a flight out first thing tomorrow and settle everything. No one will know about this.” She paused to let her words sink in. Priya seemed less hysterical now. Zarina continued “I have your bag. I’m bringing it to you now.” Priya didn’t object. She just hung up the telephone.

Zarina felt a weight on her as she made her way to Priya’s room. As she approached the door, she went over what to say in her head. She was great at crisis management but this was a tough one. She found Priya’s door open, which was a bit odd. Had Priya left the room? She went in and closed it behind her. The bathroom lights were on. Priya’s stuff was in there.

As she came around the corner, there was Priya sitting on the bed with her arms wrapped around her knees. She was still in her skinny jeans and t-shirt. She sat very still and fixed her gaze on Zarina’s face. She had obviously been crying. Her eyes were puffy.

Zarina’s heart was in her throat. She could hardly speak. She was filled with remorse. She placed the bag on the floor near the wall, and sat at the corner of the bed, as far away from Priya as she could. Suddenly her mind went blank. She couldn’t think of anything to say. “Look I made a mistake, and I’m not that way,” she lied. “It’s just that, well…I don’t know what happened.” She fumbled with her last words and stopped. She looked up. Priya’s face was suddenly softer. She looked almost compassionate. Zarina felt pathetic.

Without saying anything, Priya moved across the bed to where Zarina sat. Zarina couldn’t look at her. Priya put her arms around Zarina and kissed her lightly on the cheek. Zarina looked up. Their eyes met. Priya’s eyes were like large languid pools. Zarina could dive into them and swim for hours.

Their lips met, and they kissed, slowly, gently, exploring the outlines of each other’s lips. Slowly, the kiss deepened and became more ardent. Priya’s lithe, olive golden body was calling Zarina to it. They removed each other’s clothes tenderly and with care until they both sat there naked, groping at each other’s bodies.

Zarina’s eyes went straight to the triangle between Priya’s legs. She had a soft mound of downy hair. Her breasts were small and firm as she had imagined them. She moved closer to Priya and wrapped her arm around the younger woman’s waist and pulled her closer. Zarina’s heart was beating so hard she felt it would jump out of her chest.

Zarina kissed Priya’s neck and sucked softly on the flesh giving her a small love-bite. She found her small, brown hard nipples in her mouth and wrinkled them by sucking on them gently. The scent of Priya’s skin, a soft lavender, was enough to drive her crazy. She didn’t realize until that moment, the power of her desire for the younger woman who sat in her office every day and dutifully took instructions from her.

“I want you on top of me baby,” whispered Zarina in Priya’s ear. “I want you to sit on my face so I can eat you.” Priya did as she was told. Zarina lay on her back. Priya got on top and kneeled over Zarina’s face. “Open your pussy” Zarina ordered gently. Priya used both her hands to open her vagina so that her enlarged clit hung over Zarina’s face.

Zarina could smell Priya’s sex, it was delicate and soft, like Priya. Her tongue found Priya’s wetness, and she alternated her soft wet tongue with her pointed and capable fingers on and in Priya’s pussy to give her maximum pleasure. Priya released soft moans. Zarina looked up once or twice and watched Priya’s small breasts bouncing up and down, her nipples taut and pointed.

Priya was almost hiccuping with pleasure now. She came within a few short minutes, and so hard, she ejaculated all over Zarina’s face. Zarina cupped Priya’s pussy with her hand, feeling it explode with pleasure as Priya continued to orgasm. “Oh my God!” exclaimed Priya at last. “I’ve never felt so good.” Her voice cracked.

They made love for hours, unable to get enough of each other, exploring every nook and cranny of each other’s bodies, until they were both exhausted. Finally, when they were spent, Priya snuggled up in Zarina’s arms and fell asleep, purring like a satisfied kitten. Before she passed out, she whispered, “Can we do this every night?”

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