Katie’s Exploit

[Guest Author : Swingingpuss]

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

The only word I could use to describe the situation was ‘terrible’. Louise had caught us newly fucked and naked. There she stood by the door with her hand on her mouth as if it was the first time a Professor had seduced his student. Her cool blue eyes swept over our nakedness with such condemnation that I could have curled up in a corner and died. Rooted to the spot I felt a hot blush heat up my body and I stared at the floor hard, willing it to open up and swallow me in.

Dan seemed to realize my feelings as he gently pushed me behind him and stared at Louise. To her I was just a fly on the wall, her prey was Dan. They stared each other, each unwilling to back down, each unwilling to give away the territory covered.

The silence in the room screamed in my ears and tears gathered in my eyes. I had done nothing wrong I reminded myself. But I knew that this could have meant the end of Dan’s career at the University and I would never be able to live the scandal down. With trembling hands I clutched the clothes closer to my body but couldn’t bring myself to wear them. It seemed as if even a slight movement would have exploded the room and ripped us apart limb to limb.

Unable to stand the thick undercurrents in the room I noisily cleared my throat and broke the face off between the two. Louise blinked and looked at me. Her shrewd eyes seemed to burrow into my soul and made me feel like a cheap whore. I stared at my crumpled clothes and tears of shame streamed down my cheeks.

I heard a sigh and looked up to see Louise’s expression soften. She shook her head at me slightly and then said to Dan “I will leave you two alone to get dressed then we need to talk”.

She then walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.

Unable to stand anymore I sank down on the nearby chair and covered my face with my clothes. Dan knelt down next to me and tipped my chin up but I kept my eyes closed.

Kissing away the tears from my cheek he gently said “Hey it’s not that bad.”

I opened my eyes to see him look a bit pale but quite composed.

Unable to hold the flood of emotions I stuttered “If this gets out it might damage your career.”

Laughing under his breath he asked “Well we can avoid the damage to my career if you marry me.”

I stared at him too surprised to reply to his outrageous statement.

He smiled at me and said “No? In that case I will just have to kill the old bird.” It was then that I realized that he was joking. I gave him a shaky smile and stood up along with him.

Kissing me on the forehead he said “Louise isn’t all that bad. You’ll see. Now let’s get dressed and face the dragon.”

As we got dressed I thought of what might happen. Would Louise give us a run down or a cold treatment? My mind drew a blank and my body seemed to run on adrenaline. Taking in a deep breath I looked at Dan.

He touched my cheek and said “Ready?”

Louise was standing near a window smoking a cigarette. In the fading light of the dying sun she looked younger than her age. Pale golden rays of the sun glistened on the golden strands of her hair and her gaunt figure was softened by the lengthening shadows.

We walked up to her like guilty children. She turned and looked at us from head to foot. Raising an eyebrow she said “Why don’t we talk over a cup of coffee. It’s been a long day for all three of us and I’m sure you two must be more tired than me.”

Not waiting to get a reply from either of us she turned and briskly walked towards the University Cafeteria. The Cafeteria was crowded as usual, looking around Louise was quick to find an empty table and marched over there and we followed.

Sitting down we stared at Louise who seemed to bide her time. She picked up a salt shaker and twirled it round and round on the table. Unable to meet her eyes I stared at the shaker and the noise it made grated my nerves. We were little insects in her web with no where to run.

Dan gently squeezed my thigh under the table and spoke to Louise “So what can we do for you Louise?”

Settling back on her chair she folded her arms in front of her chest and said “Why don’t you tell me Dan? You know it’s not ethical to sleep with a student.”

Dan gave her a feral smile and answered in a very calm voice “No Louise it isn’t and it isn’t ethical to sleep with a fellow Professor who is married.”

That caught my interest. I began to realize why Dan hadn’t been shitting bricks back in his study. He knew things about Louise which she wouldn’t want to be public. This was turning into a deadly game and I seemed to be a pawn in it.

Intrigued, I stared at Louise whose eyes had widened just a bit and her thin lips clamped down in a thin line. Feeling the weight of my stare the old bird looked at me and said rather sweetly “Katie why don’t you get some coffee for us while Dan and I have a little chat.”

I felt rather miffed, being dismissed like a school girl but then I couldn’t make a scene which would have made me look immature.

With a huff I got up and went to the ordering counter. After ordering coffee I turned to stare at Louise and Dan. Their heads were bent together and they seemed to be in deep conversation. I would have given an arm or a leg to know what they were discussing. But I knew that I would be kept out of the Teaching staff politics. There was no reason for Dan to fill me in either just because he had fucked me.

When I returned from the counter with a tray of coffee and cookies the tension on the table seemed to have dissipated. On my approach they both smiled at me and I was dumbfounded. What happened in those five minutes? What had they discussed with brought about such amicability?

I had been on an emotional roller coaster the whole day and this was the last straw.

Putting the tray down I sat down next to Dan and asked “So is everything is all right?”

Louise arched a well defined eyebrow and said “So she does have a tongue.”

Dan chuckled and replied “Oh don’t get her started. She has a sharp tongue and a temper to match it.”

Louise laughed and said “Well Dan you never did go for the bimbos. Even if it was frivolous sex.”

‘Frivolous sex? That did it.’ I glared at the two snots and said “Will you please stop talking as if I’m not there?”

Dan laughed and patted my leg. Taking a bite of the cookie he said “Well now that everything is sorted out I think we all should head back to our respective homes.”

By now I was at the end of my tether. I glared at him and said “How can things be sorted out in a matter of five minutes? You two were going to tear each other apart and you Professor Louise made me feel like a slut.”

Louise shrugged her elegant shoulders and replied “If you swim with sharks you have to get used to a few bites here and there. And anyhow there is a bit of a slut in all of us. If you must know Dan here had been reminding me of some of my famous sexual escapades. Life is all about experiences and personal accountability.”

Taking a sip of her coffee she continued “My only concern was that you might have been using your sexuality to get ahead and that cannot be over looked.”

That did it. Anger swarmed in front of my eyes and I snapped at her “I don’t need to use ‘my sexuality to get ahead’ I am a straight A student in case you don’t remember.”

“Sure” Louise gave me an all knowing smile “but of late your work has been suffering.”

I opened my mouth to reply but Dan cut me off “Her assignments do seem to have gone down the tubes but to be fair to Katie she wasn’t the one who seduced me, I charged her with loaded guns.” And he winked at Louise.

I couldn’t believe it Dan just cracked a dirty joke with Louise. I had enough of the emotional roller coaster ride. Adrenaline was now replaced with exhaustion.

My shoulders dropped and I and said to them “I need to go now. I’m very tired so if you two don’t mind I will leave now.”

Dan smiled at me and said “Sure Katie you go on home. I’ll see you tomorrow in the class.”

With that statement he looked back at Louise and I realized that I had been dismissed. I felt a pang in my heart. I had been fucked and thrown away. Back in his study he had been a gentleman and here he was a callous fellow.

‘Fuck him’ I thought ‘Louise can have him.’

I got up and left the table without a backward look. Thoughts of anger and frustration followed one after the other and I felt stupid and used. Here I had been salivating after this guy and he used me and then threw me like a cheap rag. Lost in a dark reverie I walked out of the Cafeteria towards the bus stop.

Standing at the curb side I felt tears gather behind my eyes again. I couldn’t believe it I was crying like a weak female again. What was I expecting? Was I expecting Dan to offer me his heart? What we had between us was just raw sex with no strings attached. So, why the fuck was I crying?

Suddenly I heard a car horn and through my tears I saw Louise lean out of the window and ask “Which way are you going?”

Hoping my tears didn’t show under the dim street light I answered “Shady Ville”

“It’s on my way. Hop in I will give you a lift.”

I couldn’t believe my ears; Louise was giving me a lift. Wonders never ceased.

Brushing my tears away I got into the passenger seat of the steel BMW.

Sinking back in the plush seats I looked at Louise who stared into my red eyes and said “Tears? Are you crying over Dan?”

Anger was still bubbling in my heart and I snapped “No – these are just tears of rage.”

She started the car and gave me a rather knowing smile and said “What were you expecting? That he would drop you home after a date? It was just a fuck. There doesn’t have to be meaning behind a sex act. You should know that at your age.”

Not wanting to get into a repartee with her I stared at my knapsack.

Louise however continued talking “This probably must have been your first or second time right?” she looked at me briefly

Knowing it would be too rude not to answer I said “Second time.”

She laughed softly and patted me on the shoulder and said “You will get used to not putting too much emphasis on sex. You do know that there is a difference between fucking and loving right?”

I nodded and wondered why she was telling me these things.

She kept talking as she drove down the busy streets “When I was your age the sexual revolution had just started in the sixties. You know the bra burning and sleeping with just about anything that walked on two legs without the fear of AIDS?”

I was becoming comfortable with her and said “Yes my mother talks about that decade rather wistfully.”

Louise seemed to become more animated as she remembered her youthful indiscretions “Your mother had good reasons to be nostalgic. In those days we all knew sex and Mary Jane quite well and yet we didn’t deviate from our chosen paths. In fact I did just about any attractive man that came my way.” She laughed at her last statement.

I couldn’t understand why she was telling me all this so I asked her as to why I was being told something so private.

Giving me a rather shrewd smile she said “I know you will not gossip about my past transgressions as I know your present one. And anyways I’m quite sure Dan would let you know sometime soon. So I figured it would be better if I gave you the real story than the exaggerated stuff that still floats around the staff room.”

As she drove I saw the shadows from the street light throw splashes of light and shadows on her profile. I was seeing her with new eyes. She didn’t seem like a dried up prune any more but a more like a matured wine.

‘Funny how bias colors the way we view people.’ I thought

She had a colorful past and I was all ears.

Wanting to know more I asked “So who was Mary Jane?”

“Mary Jane?” She raised her eyebrows “You don’t know sweet Mary Jane? Kids of this generation know nothing.” She shook her head and chuckled.

“Do you want to know how meeting Mary Jane changed my life?”

I nodded in agreement. She smiled at me and said “It’s a long story and we can talk about it over a drink. There is a good Irish pub just down this street without loud music so we can relax and talk at a normal tone. Want to go?”

I couldn’t believe it first I got to fuck Dan and now I was going to share a drink with the formidable Louise also I could do with some raw liquid travel done my throat.

I agreed and she turned the car to a small street to her left and stopped outside a rather nondescript looking building. As we got out of the car she looked at me and said “This place is owned by an ex-cop, one of my oldest friends.”

Opening the door the smell of cigarettes and cigars wafted and clouded and blanketed my senses. Walking in after Louise I saw a dimly light bar which was fashioned like an old tavern with barrels and worn out wooden chairs and tables. People of all generations were sitting there and many greeted Louise as she weaved through them.

Walking behind her my eyes fell on her round butt that swayed like a dancer’s to and fro, the rhythm of lust and sex in her very step. Men of all age stared at this older woman who exuded sex appeal. Louise was an enigma I wanted to unravel. During the day she was a cold hag and at night a ravishing tramp.

Who was she really? A woman who had seen it all, done it all, or just a sham? Facing her I slide into a booth and felt her dynamic personality over power. She smiled at a passing waitress and ordered two gin and tonics.

I couldn’t believe her audacity. That was rude of her I would have ordered a drink for myself. But I kept my peace despite her heavy handed behavior.

Settling back on couch she looked at me and asked “I hope you don’t mind my ordering drinks. You see I have this slight trouble with alcohol and I don’t like to deal with temptations.”

I looked at her in the eye and said “Does that mean you have an alcohol problem?”

With a level eyed look she answered “The word is ‘had’. I had an alcohol problem. I’ve been sober for about ten years.”

The waitress put the drinks down and Louise paid her off with a smile. When I protested that I wanted to pay for my drink she scoffed at me and told me not to be silly.

Nursing her drink she stared at me for a few minutes. Her intense gaze made me feel like a deer in the lair of a hungry tigress.

Shifting on my seat I asked her “So you were going to tell me about Mary Jane.”

Taking a sip of the gin she began to talk “My association with M.J. was through my second boyfriend Ryan. Ryan was a real looker. You know the typical blue eyed blond beach boy looks. Our relationship revolved around raw sex. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. But sex alone did bind me to the man but it was his fetish to have sex in all kinds of risky places that attracted him to me.”

She laughed and continued to recount “We had sex in my bedroom while my parents were in the living room and they had lived in a three bedroom apartment. We even broke into the Dean’s office back in college and Ryan had fucked me on the big oak table and then on the Dean’s squeaky chair.”

Seeing my shocked look she smiled playfully and looked like a sex cat that had just licked the forbidden cream. Gazing deep into my eyes she asked “Do you want to know how we fucked?”

Taking my silence as a yes she continued “When we entered into the Dean’s office he pushed me down on the table. He yanked off my panties, unzipped his pants and shoved his hard cock into my waiting cunt. I still remember how good he had felt in me. Smooth, hard and so forceful. He drilled in me at a very slow deliberate pace and when my pussy began to flow with the juices he pulled out and bent down and ate my clit. That man used to love the taste of an aroused pussy. He was very good at oral sex. His tongue would flick on the lips up and down, and then he would suck them and finally delve his tongue deep into the recesses.”

As she spoke she opened the top buttons of her lavender blouse giving me a clear view of her cleavage. Clicking her lips deliberately she continued “He knew how to make me cum by just eating me. And once I had come he would flip me over and fuck me in the arse. He would rub the juice from my cunt and rub it on my hole and then plunge deep into my tight hole. You do know the pleasures of anal sex don’t you sweet Katie?”

She knew I was getting turned on. I was visualizing her being fucked out of mind in a very risky situation and somehow I had started to find her very attractive. My breasts had become hard nubs and I wanted to stroke my pussy which was swollen with arousal.

I merely smiled and nodded my head and asked her to continue. Lighting a cigarette Louise took a long drag and reminisced “Ryan always loved to fuck me in the ass. For him it was a power game. A little pain mixed with a whole lot of pleasure. He would ram into me hard from the back and stroke my clit with his clever nimble fingers. I still get turned on when I remember how hot my cunt as he played with it. The pleasure from my pussy would shoot up to my covered breasts and even if I touched them there would be no relief. Ryan would then reach over and tear my blouse and grab my tits. I was never allowed to take my clothes off. Ryan always tore them off.”

Taking another drag Louise looked at me through the haze of smoke and continued “He loved to twist and turn my pert nipples. With one hand he would play with my nipples and with the other he would stroke my clit and all the while fucking me from the back. The pleasure would drive me over the edge and I would cum with uninhibited screams. He would then flip me back on my back and before I could draw a breath would savagely take my pussy as if I was a whore and shoot his load in me hard.”

Listening to Louise I felt the arousal grow. I wanted to fuck her and I couldn’t believe the demands of my raging body. I wanted to feel her lips on my clit. I wanted to grab her hair and force her face closer into my pussy and have her eat me out. I wanted her to suck my breasts. I wanted to dominate her and fuck the bitch out of her mind.

Sucking in a deep breath I closed my eyes and clenched my fingers into fists on the table. I was attracted to a woman and I couldn’t believe it. Her hand reached over and stroked my right fist. Gently she stroked the knuckles and opened my fingers. I opened my eyes and saw a knowing expression on her face.

She leaned over and said “Ride the wave of desire. Your clitoris clamors for relief doesn’t it? Come and sit with me”

She patted on the seat next to her. I went over and sat next to her. Her hand began to massage my thighs and she began to talk “Ryan had a twin sister called Claudia and she looked quite a bit like you. Tall, sexy, with ample breasts, tiny waist and oh so fuckable.” Her fingers between my thighs and she began to rub my swollen clit. Her nimble fingers began to rotate on my nether lips and then delve deep to find the G-spot. I spread my legs under the table and gasped.

Louise smiled and continued “Whenever we went to meet Claudia she would always sit extra close to me. And even though at the time I thought I was in love with Ryan I was attracted to her. So one day she came over to my dormitory for a night spend under the pretext of a girlie night. After a night of clubbing Ryan dropped us off at my dorm. I had only one bed and so Claudia and I naturally shared it.”

She licked her lips and began to move her fingers within me harder and harder. Waves of pleasure pulsed through my body and I longed to grab her, throw her on the floor and fuck her hard like a man. Moaning I grabbed her hand and let her tweak my clit”

“Ah sexy, fuckable Katie do you want me to continue the story?” My breasts were heaving and I could barely answer as desire coursed through my veins “Yes – tell me about Claudia”

Claudia didn’t even ask me if I wanted to have sex with me. She just lay down on top of me and kissed me hard on my lips. That was the first time I felt a woman’s lips on mine. She was a better kisser than her brother. As her lips plunged deep into my mouth her fingers pulled up my night shirt and she plunged her fingers into my clit. She pulled and tugged on my nub hard the way I am pulling yours and I too cried out the way you are doing right now.”

She was talking close to my lips, each word was sent her hot breath against my panting mouth and unable to stop myself I covered the distance between us and kissed her. Pushing my tongue through her teeth I tasted her sweet nectar and felt her pull harder at my clit. I wanted more but this was a public place.

Pulling back from me Louise whispered “All in good time my hot cat learn some patience.” She then increased the rhythm of her fingers on my pussy. Unable to stop my hips from grinding I felt a hot surge of pleasure explode my senses.

Throwing my head back I tried to concentrate on her story and asked “then what happened?”

Panting with arousal Louise continued “She made me cum hard against her fingers and as I came she tore open my night shirt and sucked on my pink nipples. The feeling was too much and I fell over the edge again and again. Claudia then lay on top of me and began to grind against me like a man. She told me that she wanted to fuck me like a man, that I was her bitch like you are mine. Ah Katie I want to fuck you like Claudia fucked me. Yes come for me baby yes come.”

With that she drove three fingers into my drenched pussy and I came hard and fast. As I came I imagined her naked body on top of me fucking me hard, feeling my breasts, clutching my hips and biting my lips. Shudders pulsed through my body and as I caught my breath Louise said “let’s go to the wash room.”

Silently I adjusted my clothes and walked towards the ladies room on wobbly legs. Louise walked along with me and had a proprietary hand on my butt. She caressed it once and I didn’t give a damn as to who saw it.

Once there she grabbed my arm and took me into one of the tiny cubicles. Pulling of her skirt she shoved my face towards her pussy. Spreading her legs a bit she gave me access to her blond bush. This was the first time I was eating pussy and I wanted to do a good job of it. Parting the lips I delved straight towards the nub and gave it a suck. Louise moaned and I knew I was on the right track. Sucking, licking and using my fingers I drove her towards the edge.

Mired in her fluids I grabbed her silken butt and pushed my tongue harder into her clit. I heard buttons popping and realized that she had opened her blouse and was feeling her tits. Wanting to suck the beauties I stood up and grabbed one of the pink tipped nipples and began to suck on it. The nipple felt like a little pebble in my mouth. She took one of my hands and put it back on her pussy.

I shoved two of my fingers into her hole and searched for her G-spot. I drove my fingers hard into her cunt and felt her juices trickle down my fingers. Grabbing my head against her boob she whispered “Faster! Fuck me faster.”

As she began to cum against my fingers I felt my cunt swelling again. I wanted to grind my cunt against hers. Bending down I loved her cunt and felt her convulse against her. Once she was spent I stared into her eyes said “I want to lie on top of you and fuck you like a man. I want you to be my bitch.”

A devilish light gleamed in her eyes and we stepped out of the cubicle and lay down on the floor uncaring whether it was clean or not. She lay down and I quickly lay on top of her. We didn’t have much time someone could have walked in on us. Wanting satisfaction as quickly as possible I grinded my cunt against hers. The heat in my pussy began to coil tighter and tighter but I couldn’t have an orgasm. Frustrated I stared at her .

She chuckled and said “Claudia too couldn’t get satisfaction. I was her first woman and she too wanted to dominate me. She too soon realized when it comes to sharing pleasure there is no dominant one. Lie back Kat.”

I got off and lay down on the cold floor not caring. She began to eat me. Her expert tongue and fingers drove me over the edge and I let out a cry as I came.

As quivers of little pleasures delighted my nerve ends she sucked my breast a little came up and said “You want to come back to my place for the night?”

Smiling up at her I said yes. Getting off me she reached into the cubicle, wore her skirt and adjusted her blouse. It was then that I realized that we had fucked with most of our clothes on and in a place where anyone could have walked in on us. The situation was similar to the one between Ryan and her.

Looking at her cold reflection in the mirror I asked her “So what about Mary Jane?”

She laughed and said “Do you remember the Bob Dylan song about the Tambourine man? And do you know what it symbolized?”

I shrugged and replied “A dealer?”

She smiled and said “Well one can say that Mary Jane was the Tambourine Man’s lover.”

It was then that I realized what she was talking about. I chuckled at the times when my mother talked about Mary Jane wistfully and I had thought that she was talking about a long lost friend.

When I told this to Louise she let out a hoot of laughter and said “If you want to meet M.J. and Dan then we better leave for my apartment.”

“Dan?” I asked

Walking out of the rest room, she looked back at me with a raised eyebrow, the cold bitch had reappeared and said “I forgot to tell you that I had promised Dan that I would have a talk with you and then bring you back to my apartment for a night cap.”

I was finally coming to understand Louise who was a sleeping volcano under an iced peak.

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