* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

All night the rain was drumming on the crinkled tin roof. There was no lightning, no thunder; just a steady flow of raindrops to celebrate the departure of spring.

The sound of drops falling on a tin roof is unique in a way that it lets you stay awake yet it doesn’t keep you from sleeping. It’s a silent sound that you can hear. The steady drift of water on my emotions and feelings.

I always associate her with rain water. She has that effect on me. Her earthy sensuality and how deeply she penetrates my senses & thoughts almost feels like a crazy tide hitting the shore in the night rain. The sound of the falling drop carried a note which guided me to another tender spot on her. Its music brought out that familiar ripple, throb & sigh. Her arresting smile made me more restless and warm with desire. She never puts a scent in the night and yet when I run my fingers over her body and then bring them to my face, I am touched by the most delicate of aromas. The conversation continued between my hands and her body all night long.

The night was spent in love; in her. And early in the morning when the rain had stopped and the romantic notion dispelled by the alarm, I felt sleepy. And her subtle fragrance still lingered on me, making me melt further in her memories.

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