Morning After

My dear
Here’s a little about me.
I hate crowded roads.
I hate walkways filled with men
where I have to dodge unwanted touch.
I’m not much a lover of sun.
I love gloomy overcast days.
The noise in this city
The persistant honking
The rage, the anger, the frustration.
I hate it.
I do not see the point in being angry
For I’m sure everyone’s having an equally bad day.
I hate early mornings and I love late nights
I love the setting sun over the city skyline.
I believe that dogs are always he
And cats are always she.
I love both alike and still I think I’m a cat person.
I do not believe in love at first sight
I do but believe in destiny.


My love,
In this morning after,
I hear myself singing away
Almost aloud
While I dodge my way through this street
An ocean of bodies, sweaty grimy.
For the sun burns today but
So do the flame of the forest afar
So red they brighten my day.
The incessant honking gives rhythm to my song
The anger, drowned by my bliss.
As much as I loved last night with you
It is early morning and I have never felt better
I love basking in the afterglow.
To watch the sunrise, in your arms
I could give up sunsets forever after.
Today, cats can be he and dogs can be she
You’ve turned my world over.
I do not believe in love at first sight
I do but believe in destiny.

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Neelima Prasanna Aryan (also known as Nilofer), is a self-taught graphic-designer art director and illustrator. As a queer feminist woman, her work over the years has been with organisations that focus on the rights of women, LGBTQIA+, and other marginalised communities. Cat humom, city-hopper, lover of all things delectable and kooky; Neelima's art is not for the light-hearted or the narrow-minded for they are mostly loud, about women, large bodies, self and queer, love and intimacies.

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