Murder In The Attic.

TW: Mentions of self harm, d*ath and s*icide

On the evening of
February the fourteenth,
a fourteen year old boy
flung himself out
of his hostel window
and died. But before
you proceed with the
thoughtless thoughts,
meaningless customs
“May he rest in peace”
“oh! What a poor boy”
(Which won’t bring him back)
Let me tell you
that it wasn’t an
unfortunate accident
called suicide.
It was a murder,
gruesome and sadistic,

So would you not
join me in the investigation
for the world to decipher
why (spoiler alert)
you killed “what a poor boy”.

Did your obsession with gossip
smash his head against the wall?
Did your insensitivity
whip him till his heart exploded?
Or did your ideas of masculinity
throw him
under the bus?
Did your toxic desire
to feel superior,
poison his head?
Did your weapons
of sense and sensibility
suffocate him slowly?
Or did your lethal homophobia
choke him in the closet?

Did he survive all this
and went flying
out the window
to escape
your sadistic madness?
And did you cover up
your crime
with pity, and
“some naive, faint hearts
can’t bear the weight
of the world”.

On the evening of
February the fourteenth
blood covered
the rose garden.
But before you proceed
with thoughtless thoughts
“May he rest in peace”,
“Oh! Poor boy”,
You should know
that none of it would bring him back.

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