My Diana

She held my hand when we crossed the road,
She saved the last piece of cake for me.
She said it is the purest form of love,
What she has in her heart for me.
It’s a no holds barred kind of love,
What she has for me, her friend.

She took off her shirt,
And I think since then my mind is fixated on rose buds.
She didn’t think much of it,
After all we’re just friends.

But I felt what Actaeon must have felt,
Confronted with a desire I couldn’t pursue.
And I suddenly understood what Wordsworth must have felt,
On his walks amid nature.

Almost worshipful.

All I wanted was to drop to my knees,
Put her body on the altar and revere her.
Trace those veins I see on her neck,
See which terrains they lead my fingers to.

She slipped off her skirt,
“Just give me a minute to change before we leave.”

Now I’ve never liked the idea of a veil,
But I understood how tempting a scrap of cloth could be
Concealing the treasured.

I am no shepherd but I did want to drop to my knees,
And praise the lord that made her,
For she couldn’t be a mere human.
Then how dare I put my mortal hands on that ivory skin.


Each breath moving her chest,
In and out, in and out.
And I could feel my heart pounding in mine.
She raised her arms, tied her hair,
And I wanted to raise my arms in the air
And cry Hallelujah.

Almost worshipful.

Her feet took her around the room,
Her toes painted scarlet.
And suddenly I was Eve with an apple.
All I wanted was to put my lips,
Kiss her toes,
Almost worshipful.

And follow the path to heaven,
Trace it with my lips, adore her.
She has to be the source of holy water,
There has to be nectar in that celestial body.

Then how dare I dream to find it,
To trace my fingers, to take my lips,
To look for the promised land,
Amidst the curves and the swells.

But I forget I am a mere mortal.
I can only hope to get a glimpse of heaven,
Before it’s concealed again.
And she says,
“Come now, let’s go find an adventure.”
And I keep thinking Amen!

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